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5 мая 2021 г. 12:33

How to Setup and Use Multiple Accounts on Apple TV?

Apple TV provides an easy and user-friendly way to have multi accounts in order to fulfill every individual’s needs in terms of viewing favorite shows or movies, attending lectures, and so on.

If you have many members in your house, then you can set up multiple accounts right on your Apple TV. It supports multiple user IDs for various tasks. The service might not seem as powerful and smooth as the multiuser ID on Mac, but it provides more than iPhone and iPad does.

Here is how to set up and use multiuser accounts on your Apple TV:

Adding Multiple Accounts on Your Apple TV

Follow these straightforward steps if you want to add multiple accounts on your smart Apple TV:

  • Firstly, launch the Settings app by navigating the Home screen.

  • Then, hit the Accounts tab there.

  • After that, press the App Store or iTunes tab.

  • Now, tap on the Add New Apple ID option.

  • Hit the Enter New option if asked to do so.

  • Enter additional Apple ID username.

  • Press the Continue button.

  • Input your additional Apple ID passcode there.

  • Tap on Login button.

  • Repeat the procedure for every account that you like to add.

Switching Between Multiple Accounts on Your Apple TV

You can only use one account at a time; even if you have multiple account IDs. Switching between accounts will become easy for you if you follow these steps:

  • First of all, double-click the gear-shaped icon by navigating your Home screen.

  • Then, press the Accounts button there.

  • Tap on App Store and iTunes option.

  • Hit the particular account you like to use.

  • Now, you can easily install or re-install any app or content available on that particular account.

Switching Accounts in Family Sharing

Apple TV provides an easy user interface for switching your account in Family sharing. For instance: if you have kids, then they can easily switch to their respective accounts and select the “ask to buy” option to purchase their desired shows or contents, just like on iPhone or iPad.

Using Control Center to Switch Between Users

If you want to use Control Center to switch between users on your Apple TV, then you can do the same using these offered-steps:

  • Hard tap the TV/Home button on your Siri remote.

  • Now, change users by navigating your device’s upper-right edge using Control Central on your Apple TV.

  • You have successfully switched between users on your Apple TV.

Features Offered by Control Central

Control Central offers several additional features apart from switching users’ accounts like sleep mode, changing file destination, and searching for the desired content. Here, you will read these features in detail:

Putting Apple TV to Sleep Using Control Center

You can easily use Control Center to enter the device into sleep mode. Here’s how:

  • Press hardly on the Home or TV button on the Siri remote to launch the Control Center section on your Apple TV.

  • Then, hit the Sleep option there.

  • Now, your Apple TV entered sleep mode successfully. In order to make it awake, hit the TV/Home tab located on your Siri remote.

Changing Apple TV’s Audio Location Using Control Center

You can easily play your favorite music using HomePods, Apple TVs, and several AirPlay speakers with comfort by making necessary changes in the Control Center. Here’s how:

  • First of all, you need to press hard on the “Home / TV” option to launch the Control Center on your smart TV. You need to do the same using Siri remote.

  • Then, hit the sound icon there.

  • Scroll down the page and select the option new audio selection.

Searching Using Control Center on Your Apple TV

You can use the Control Center to search for your favorite content you want to play on your Apple TV. Here's how:

  • Use your Siri remote, and then hard-tap the Home or TV button to launch the Control Center on your Apple TV.

  • Hit the Search icon there.

  • Utilize Siri to find the desired thing. You can also type the content's name you want to get on your Apple TV.

Setting up Multiple accounts on an Apple TV is a very straightforward process. To do the same, you can add multiple accounts to your Apple TV, switch between several accounts, using Control Center to switch between users, etc. Control Center can also be used to search for your desired content, video, or audio for your switched account or to change the respective files' destination.

Source: - https://kellieminton123.wixsite.com/mysite/post/how-to-setup-and-use-multiple-accounts-on-apple-tv

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