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16 апреля 2021 г. 13:40

How to Sign Up Disney+ Using Subscription Card

Disney+ is a top-grossing streaming platform of this time, and if you’re one of those people who love Princesses or Pixar, you should definitely get its streaming service. Signing up for a Disney+ subscription is nowhere tricky, and you can get a magical experience on it. You can sign up for Disney+ in a few different ways. Most interestingly, if you’re somewhere close to the Disney-run establishment, you can buy a subscription card for 12 months.

There are few Disney + features and offers, which makes it different and better than other streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more. Indeed, platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have tons of content, but Disney is also working on making their platform better, and somewhere they're succeeding. Now, if you're interested in Disney +, here are some things you should know about Gift card buy and redeem.

Before Buy or Redeem the Gift Card 

Once you have the Gift card to redeem for a Disney + subscription, you must know that you can redeem its subscription code if you're a new subscriber. If you're already a Disney + user, you can't redeem it. So, unfortunately, if you're a Disney + user and brought a Gift card, it's better to give it to someone else or create a new account and redeem it.

Sign Up for Disney + Subscription with a Gift Card

If no one gifted you a Disney + Gift card and now wish to buy it for yourself, you can get it from Disney World, Disney Stores, or even Disney Parks. Once you have it, follow the following steps to redeem it and use it:

  • Flip your card to get the  Subscription Code . Remember, you can't reuse it once its subscription code is redeemed.
  • Visit  Disneyplus.com/redeemcard  on your web browser and follow the onscreen steps.
  • Type your  Subscription code .
  • Press  Redeem .
  • Once you type the code and press Redeem, type your  email address . Make sure to use a new email address.
  • Press  Agree & Continue  below the Privacy Policy tab.
  • Type a  password  for your Disney + account.

This is all you have to do to redeem the Disney + Gift Card Subscription code. Once the subscription is activated, you can open your account on any device, including Android, Windows, iOS / iPadOS, and macOS.


Disney + is available for almost all kinds of smartphone and computer devices. Users that love to see Star Wars, MCU, Disney Movie, or even National Geographic content can enjoy Disney + subscription. Disney is working on many programs, and hopefully, they all will be available on Disney + pretty soon.


Source: - https://karenmintonwp.wordpress.com/2021/04/16/how-to-sign-up-disney-using-subscription-card/

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