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Some of the Best Root Apps for Android

There are plenty of root applications available for Android that you can use to get some extra functionalities that an unrooted device can't provide. Here are some best root apps for Android.



Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus can remove the ads from your Android device. It works pretty well, and it is lightly configurable. You can try this root app for free.


The bouncer is not entirely a root app, but it does allow you to control and manage the permissions asked by various apps on your Android smartphone.

Whenever you install a new app, most of the time, it asks for various permissions. You can give the app access, but you can enable Bouncer to disable the app’s permission after a few minutes. This app gives you the freedom to use any app on your smartphone with its maximum permissions, as you can disable the permissions whenever you want. It is quite an excellent root app available for $0.99.

FK Kernel Manager

FK Kernel Manager is a root app that allows you to manage a variety of stuff on your smartphone, including CPU frequencies, GPU frequencies, the governor, color temperature presets, and many more things. It is an excellent choice and available for $3.49 on Google Play Store.

Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager provides you with a variety of excellent features and even allows you to play Pokemon Go and watch Netflix while your device is rooted. It is quite a popular app and entirely available for free to use.

Permission Ruler

Permission Ruler is a fantastic root app that blocks all the permissions for all the apps on your smartphone while your phone’s screen is off so that none of the apps can do any irrelevant activities in the background. The app works pretty well, and it is entirely available for free. But keep in mind that when you uninstall this application, don’t forget to pause it; otherwise, you will have to re-enable all the apps’ permissions on your device manually.


Servicely helps you control the apps running in the background while your device's screen is off. It is an excellent app and a decent choice to improve your Android smartphone's battery life and performance. It is available for free to use, although it offers a paid version that you can buy for $ 13.99.

Solid explorer

Solid Explorer is a file manager with an excellent design that allows you to do various usual stuff such as copying and pasting, unzipping the files, and many more things. It even has an option to enable root that will allow you to do various stuff that you couldn't do earlier. Solid Explorer is available for free as well as it offers a paid version that you can buy for $ 1.99.


Tasker is an excellent root app that provides you with plenty of fantastic features that you can use to do whatever you want to do, and many of the features provided by Tasker don't even require root permissions. It is an outstanding application, and you can use it for free if you have Google Play Pass; otherwise, you will have to pay $ 2.99.

Wakelock detector

Wakelock Detector detects the apps that are acting inappropriately. It is quite a useful app to manage and secure your smartphone. It is available for free, and it also has a premium version that you can purchase for $ 1.99. I would recommend you to try its free version before you buy the paid version of the application.

You can try a few of the above-mentioned root apps to get some additional features on your Android smartphone. I hope you liked the article. Thank you!

source:  https://fluidk.com/some-of-the-best-root-apps-for-android/

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