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5 сентября 2020 г. 12:33

PUBG Mobile to Get a Massive 1.0 Update Along with an Esports Tournament

The popular action shooter game, PUBG was launched three years ago, back in 2017, by Tencent Games. Tencent Games is a gaming and technology giant based in China that has made its name globally through titles like PUBG and Crossfire. The mobile adaptation of the popular battle royal game was launched in February 2018, and since then the game has gained massive popularity around the globe.



Tencent Games has announced the new update to PUBG mobile which is referred to as the 1.0 Update. The new update is scheduled to roll out by September 8th. The new update is supposed to bring a massive boost in performance, fix a bunch of known bugs, and reduce lags by a significant amount. The 1.0 Update will also bring a new $ 2 million Esports Tournament which is scheduled to commence in November. Tencent Games has promised some impressive figures for performance improvement. Players can expect the frame rate to increase by 30 percent along with a 76 percent reduction in lags. Of course, these figures are highly dependent on the type of device that you are using.

The update will bring some notable visual changes to the gameplay experience. Several design revisions are made by the Tencent Team, including changes in the main lobby area, activities like parachuting, sprinting, and a bunch of other movements included in the game. Tencent Team has announced in a press release that there will be significant changes in muzzle flashes, smoke, particles, and air blasts. There will be an additional functionality of interacting with the scope to provide a more realistic shooting experience to the gamers. There are also notable changes made in the graphics of the sky, the vegetation, and few hot drop locations in the map for providing a high-quality experience. The esports tournament has a whopping prize pool worth USD 2 million. Scheduled to kick-off from November, the esports tournament will be a global championship event known as PUBG Mobile Global Tournament. Players will bring their squads from all over the world to compete for a prize pool of 2 million dollars. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tencent has mentioned that hosting an onsite audience may not be possible this year. But there are chances that the Championship gets displayed on multiple screens across the globe if the pandemic situation gets any better.

source:  https://ratinglr.com/pubg-mobile-to-get-a-massive-1-0-update-along-with-an-esports-tournament/

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