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4 сентября 2020 г. 10:14, г. Круя, Албания Смотреть на карте

Use These Fantastic Apps to Declutter Your Belongings

This article contains the list of some of the best applications available on the internet that you can use to declutter and pleasantly improve your house or workplace. Here we go!



letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff, Cars, Furniture

letgo is available for Android as well as iOS that helps you sell your stuff online very easily. You will be needed to upload the pictures of your belongings which you want to sell, mention the details, and a reasonable price for your stuff, and your item will be sold in no time. You can sell anything here including your used car, bike, and furniture. It has a huge user base that makes selling very convenient for any user.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is also available for Android as well as iOS devices, and it is a quite decent application to declutter all the invoices, receipts, and the stacks of old emails. There are plenty of other apps that can be used for the same purpose, but I would recommend you the Adobe Scan as it has a straightforward user interface, provides you with a bunch of powerful tools, and is available for free.

Adobe Scan allows you to scan your documents and convert them into PDF files so that you can save them, and it also offers a feature called optical character recognition that makes finding saved files very easy.


BookScouter allows you to sell your old books easily and it is interlinked with more than 30 book-buying websites to find the best buyer for your books. You can simply click the photos of your old novels or any other books and can upload them on this app, and the app will find the best buyer for you from the various websites.

You can open your phone's camera to scan the barcode of your book so that you can check what people are paying for your novel. And then you can choose any of the buyers who are paying you the most for your books by tapping the sell button next to the preferred buyer to sell them.


If you think decluttering is a headache and don't want to do it yourself; then this app will be very helpful for you to resolve this problem. Thumbtack allows you to hire people for you to declutter your stuff easily; it provides you with a lot of decluttering services based on your location.

You just need to mention the details of your belongings that you want to declutter and the app will show you the list of various decluttering service providers with their hourly price. You can hire any of the service providers, and they will declutter all your unnecessary stuff.


StuffKeeper allows you to catalog all your important items as well as the stuff you lent to your friends. You can simply click the pictures of various rooms or zones in your house and catalog them easily to recall all your important stuff later.

This app is available to use for free, but the free version of it will allow you to add a maximum of 50 items which might be more than enough. But if you need to add more than 50 items or want additional features, then you can go for its premium version that will cost you $ 5 per year.

Try the above-mentioned applications to declutter your belongings and make your house or workplace look more organized. Thank you!

source:  https://irateitas.com/use-these-fantastic-apps-to-declutter-your-belongings/ \

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