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The Flash: DC Characters That Can Replace Elongated Man

The Elongated Man / Ralph Dibny is a fictional superhero character of the DC comics. The famous actor Hartley Sawyer has played the role of the Elongated Man / Ralph Dibny in the famous television series, The Flash.



The actor Sawyer has been fired from The Flash, season 7 because of some inappropriate tweets by him. Now the CW and Warner Bros. TV have yet to clarify if they want to recast the character Elongated Man or will they remove this character from the fate of The Flash forever.

Here we will discuss the names of some DC characters that can replace Elongated Man for the regular continuation of the series.


The main factor of the series, The Flash is Science. That is why most of the scientists are included in the Team Flash. Karen Beecher / Bumblebee is one of them that should have been included before. Bumblebee is known as the member of the Teen Titans. Karen has been on the small screen for several years but still waiting for the live-action debut. Bumblebee has enough potential to replace Elongated Man in the upcoming season 7 of The Flash.

Booster gold

According to Nora's storyline, a tragic ending through the result of messing with time-travel, The Flash should have explored the characters from the future. Michael Jon Carter / Booster Gold would be the best for the introduction of the Arrowverse. Booster Gold is a passionate superhero.

Booster is one of the best superheroes but still, has not allowed showing his talent yet in the DC TV universe. However, Rip Hunter, who is the son of Booster has already performed in the first three seasons of Legends of Tomorrow, but, his father Booster has not played any role in a TV show yet. In this way, Booster Gold would be a perfect replacement for the Elongated Man.


Static / Virgil Hawkins is another popular DC character who has a huge fan-following, but he has not stepped into live-action yet. Even though Virgil has a high fan-following, and he is also an iconic character, he still has not appeared in a live-action, which is hard to believe. Virgil has an opportunity to replace the role of Elongated Man in the upcoming season 7 of The Flash.


In Legends of Tomorrow, John Constantine is currently playing the character role of a magician. Zatanna Zatara is another magical superhero who has never appeared in a live-action since Smallville, just like Booster Gold. The Flash has dealt with different threats for quite a long time, but they have not explored magic too much. If Zatanna is included in the upcoming series then, she would be another female superhero to be added as a part of the regular series. In this way, Zatanna can be a great option to replace Elongated Man from the upcoming season 7 of The Flash.

Ryan Choi

Ryan Choi was introduced in the Crisis on Infinite Earths and played a vital role over there. He was last seen in the 5-part Crossover. He is one of the heroes to carry the mantle of The Atom. Ryan Choi would be the best for playing the role of the shrink-sizing superhero. He has the best opportunity to replace the character of Elongated Man from the upcoming season 7 of The Flash.

After exploring the names of several DC characters, we have concluded that there are several superheroes in the list of DC universes who have enough capability to replace Elongated Man from the upcoming season 7 of The Flash.

source:  https://thelistingbay.com/blog/the-flash-dc-characters-that-can-replace-elongated-man/

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