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Some of the Best Baseball Games for Android

Baseball is one of the most popular outdoor games all around the world. But we are not supposed to go out and meet friends right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, we have smartphones, and there are plenty of outstanding baseball games available for all Android users. Here are some best baseball games that you can play on your Android devices. Here we go!



9 Innings 20

9 Innings 20 features decent graphics, 800 players, 30 MLB ballparks, random strikes, and much more stuff. It is quite a decent game that also offers various play cards and makes you feel like you are playing a real baseball game. It is available for free to play, and you should try this game once.

Baseball Highlights 2045

Baseball Highlights 2045 is a fantastic board game that provides you with plenty of features including an integrated rule book, local multiplayer game modes, auto-saving tools, tutorials and many more. It is a pretty amazing baseball game, and you can access it for $ 3.99, and if you want additional features, then you will have to pay $ 2.99 more.

Bottom of the 9th

Bottom of the 9th is another fantastic baseball game that features a single-player mode, online multiplayer mode, local multiplayer mode, three difficulty levels and much more stuff. When you play Bottom of the 9th, you will find that each character in the game has different abilities that make this game more interesting. You can play this game for free, but to get its advanced features, you will have to purchase the paid subscription of the game that will cost you $ 4.99.

Homerun battle 2

Homerun Battle 2 is one of the most popular baseball games available for Android. It provides you with some excellent features, including cartoonish graphics, six-game types, simple mechanics, customizable characters, social gaming options, and many more other things. It is a quite decent game to play and pass your time, and you can avail yourself this game entirely for free.

Home Run High

Home Run High is a unique baseball game that gives you the feel of an actual baseball game, and it is available for $ 4.99 to play. The game offers plenty of features such as tools to upgrade players, and players build teams, decent graphics, and many other tools to upgrade the characters and equipment.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 provides you with a lot of stuff including decent graphics, simple game mechanics, updated rosters, career mode, season mode, online PvP, and multiple different game types. MLB Perfect Inning 2019 also allows you to customize your characters and do much other fantastic stuff. You can play this game for free.

RBI Baseball 2019

RBI Baseball 2019 is an excellent baseball game with great graphics. It offers you a franchise mode where you can run your teams, and get updated rosters, various uniforms, and stadiums. It gives you quite decent gameplay, and it is entirely available for free to play.

Super mega baseball

Unfortunately, Super Mega Baseball is only available on Nvidia Shield devices. This is an outstanding baseball game with mind-blowing graphics and realistic mechanics. And now it is available on Google Play Store as well. Undoubtedly, the game will give you a fantastic gameplay experience, and you are going to love it. But on the other hand, it is quite expensive; it will cost you approximately $ 19.99.

There are various other fantastic baseball games also out there such as Tap Sports Baseball 2019, Fantasy Baseball, etc. So, if you want to play baseball and get an excellent experience without moving outside, then I would recommend you to try a few of the above-mentioned baseball games. Thank you!

source:  https://shoutk.com/some-of-the-best-baseball-games-for-android/

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