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Simple Ways to Manage Your Files in Google Drive Storage

Data can be stored in various ways like in external hard drives, hard drives, USB, and more. One of the most popular methods of storing your data is through Google Drive. With a rapid increase in our data like video games, photos, videos, and other programs occupies a lot of space in your PC. But Google Drive allows you to store up to 15 GB of data for free. Google Drive is made up of three things: Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. There are two ways you can manage your storage: by deleting unwanted files or by upgrading the storage.



In this article, we will mention some simple ways to free your storage space in Google Drive:

Find the problem

Google's Drive Storage page will give you an insight into what is occupying your Google Drive storage. Generally, Google Drive space is occupied by Gmail messages and attachments. On the Google Drive Storage page, you can see how much total storage you have, and you can upgrade your plan if you need more space. Google Drive plans start from US $ 2 per month for 100GB.

Clean your drive

Once you understand what is occupying your Google Drive space, you can delete unnecessary files to create more space. Open your Google Drive and click on the List view button. Now, you can see your Google Drive sorted by name, file size, file storage, Last Modified, Last Modified by me, and Last opened by me. Once you sort your files by storage, you can see the amount of storage you are using, and you can buy more storage as per your requirement. You can save your PDF documents by converting them into Google Documents, sheets, or slides. To perform this function, you can right-click on the PDF file and select the “Open With” option and choose Google Documents from the drop-down menu.

After deleting the unnecessary files, you can empty your Trash folder. To do so, click on “Trash” and select the files you want to delete and then right-click on it and select “Delete Forever.”

Manage your Google Photos

If you use an Android Smartphone, you must be aware of the automatic photo backup feature service, which uploads all your photos to your Google account automatically. Managing your Google photos will take a lot of time because you cannot sort your photos by file size. To manage your Google Photo, go to the Google Photos page and click on “Photos” to see all of your photos.

You can delete the photos once a little checkbox appears in the upper left corner. Select the pictures you want to delete and click on the “Delete” button to delete them.

Manage your Gmail

Your Gmail account takes the majority of space on your Google Drive. You can delete large attachments and unwanted newsletters to free some space on your Google Drive. You can also delete your old messages which you don't need anymore.


The tips, as mentioned above, will help you to manage your Google Drive in a more organized way.

source:  https://fluidk.com/simple-ways-to-manage-your-files-in-google-drive-storage/

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