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Tools for Data Storage and Synchronizing Your HDD

Files, documents, most memorable photos, videos, etc. are something that no one wants to lose. Earlier, people used to make copies of all the essential documents, files, or print them and organize them in folders. Not that the world has shifted online, all our files, documents, photos, etc. remain in the external drives and network drive. But that's not the safest place for all our essential data as it can be easily wiped out or can be stolen by hackers from around the world. Sometimes, people install a program only to find that they have wiped or lost all the data in the process. To prevent your data from slipping away, it's better to backup the drives regularly.



While you can backup the drives manually, you'd need some special tools to synchronize and store all the data safely. This will ensure that all the data (regardless of the format) are safe and secure with you. The following are the best tools you can use:


Genie9 is a backup and cloud software provider that offers cost-effective storage solutions for personal, professional, and partnership purposes. They offer two solutions for home users and four for business purposes. Both the plans for home users cover disaster recovery support, built-in search engine, purging, timeline view, right-click file option, backup retention, and more. The business purpose plans offer similar features along with block-level, timeline view, AES encryption, takes backup even when your device is logged off, and more.


With a simple interface, FBackup guides you through the process of defining the purpose of your backup. Its wizard asks you the destination, source, and more information before taking the backup. You can manually run the backup or add a schedule on the platform for automatic backups. It can create a standard zip file and replica of your files without compression, and all your data remains safe during the backup procedure. It is free for both personal and commercial purposes.


EaseUS offers one of the most trusted backup and storage solutions. Their plans are segregated into three parts, i.e., free user, business user, and home user. All three plans commonly ensure system, file, disk, and partition backup along with full, incremental, and differential backup. Users can store copies to drive, USB, NAS, FTP server, CD/DVD, or accessible cloud. Paid users will get additional benefits, like customized support, PXE network boot, MS SQL server backup, and more.

Allway Sync

This is a free backup and sync service that is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, and it offers multiple solutions like data sync from all your devices, including tablets, PC, and more. Allway Sync can also replicate and take data backup between your home and office computers, external drives, and NAS. They enable you to take a backup of all the files over a local network and sync two or more directories at a time. You can purchase their Pro plan with a one-time payment of $26 and get premium support, unlimited usage, and lifetime upgrades. These were some of the best paid and free services you can get to secure your documents and files. The paid plans bring you 7 to 30 days of the free trial before subscribing. Make sure that you compare all the features and prices of the services before settling for one.

source: https://thelistingbay.com/blog/tools-for-data-storage-and-synchronizing-your-hdd/

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