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31 августа 2020 г. 16:11

Laurence Fishburne Has No Idea About Matrix 4

There is a fan theory that has been circulating on the Internet that Matrix 4 might feature Young Morpheus, and that would add sense to the fact that Laurence Fishburne, who has played the character in previous instalments will not be a part of Matrix 4.


Apart from him, Hugo Weaving will also not be returning to play his fan-favorite character, “Agent Smith.”

The rumors are relentlessly churning that the plot will be based on a time traveling theme and might feature a young Morpheus played by some other actor. There was a time when Michael B. Jordan's name did feature in the rumor stories, but he has been confirmed not to be involved in Matrix 4.

When it comes to Laurence Fishburne, he has already cleared his stance in an interview with the Vulture that neither he has been called to reprise the role he is famous for nor he has any ideas about the production.

"I wish them good luck." He told the Vulture.

When asked about the rumor surrounding the “Young Morpheus” theory, Fishburne reinstated the fact that he has “no clue” and that he hasn't “read anything.”

He has no hard feelings about it and wishes Matrix 4 to do well at the box office and satisfy the fanbase of Matrix, which has gained “cult status” on the internet over the years.

The protagonist and star of the franchise Keanu Reeves will be returning alongside Carrie-Ann Moss, and writer-director Lana Wachowski. Weaving stated in January of this year that unlike Laurence Fishburne, he did get an offer to return to the franchise, but due to scheduling problems he was not included in the film.

The 1999 film Matrix was Lana Wachowski and Lily Wachowski's second film after their debut with the 1996 film Bound. The film got worldwide recognition and has been regarded as the best science fiction film of all time ever since.

The film dealt with Keanu Reaves's character Neo who uncovers the truth about “Matrix,” a simulated reality created by machines in which humans are trapped and have been used as the “energy source.”

The film Matrix was then created into a franchise, but its subsequent films Matrix Reloaded and Matrix 3 failed to garner the grandeur of the first installment.

It will be interesting to see what Matrix will bring to the theaters since the standard of making science fiction films has escalated unfathomably over the years. The film is also expected to come after the much-awaited release of James Cameron's Avatar (another science-fiction epic), which can potentially set the expectation for a science film an echelon higher.

Matrix 4 will release theatrically worldwide in April 2022.

source:  https://thelistingbay.com/blog/laurence-fishburne-has-no-idea-about-matrix-4/

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