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28 августа 2020 г. 12:18

Matt Reeves Has Created A More Aggressive, Darker and Berserk Batman

Duct tape. An enigmatic duct tape sound is what you will hear when you click on the trailer video.

In the first scene, you will see a grisly crime scene where the pivotal villain of the plot “The Riddler” is psychotically wrapping his victim’s face with the duct tape.


In the very next scene, you will see that battered victim, breathing heavily, his face covered in duct tape. He is presumably moments away from his demise.

A phrase is written on the duct tape that has covered his entire face- No More Lies.

“What does a liar do when he is dead?” The Riddler asks the question within a few seconds into the trailer. It is a mystery that has not been answered in the trailer, but the fans have solved it. If you want to know the answer, read on.

The Internet has erupted ever since DC FanDome unveiled first looks, sneak peeks, trailers, and other details apropos to the upcoming high-budgeted DC projects.

However, the trailer of Matt Reeves’s Batman has garnered more exalted nods than anything else that has come out of the inaugural convention. The trailer has been praised for its promise for a David Fincher world set in the backdrop of a city that is under the supervision of a brutal and vengeful superhero. The film has been hyped up, and the trailer has already crossed 15 million views on the Warner Bros. YouTube channel. The film looks like a typical DC product, which is evident from its conspicuously dark undercurrents.

DC films have been known for making a film with dark underlying tones since the previous decade, and frankly, they did manage to make some films that speak volumes of creative genius such as V for Vendetta, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, etc. but they have been reluctant in using the tone extensively after the critical failure of Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However, with the success and international recognition of the academy award nominee “Joker,” it is believed that they have reevaluated their strategy for the forthcoming films.

The trailer of Matt Reeves’s The Batman gives us some glimpses of Robert Pattinson donning the caped crusader suit, which looks extraordinarily different from the previous version, especially in the area of the Bat symbol at the center of his chest.

We neither see nor hear much of Edward Nashton, aka The Riddler (played by Paul Dano of Prisoners fame) throughout the trailer except the time when he is wrapping his victim with the duct tape in the very first scene, and the time he is communicating with Bruce Wayne in the final moments of the trailer. But he remained the sole concern of Batman throughout the trailer as he tries to communicate with him through “Zodiac” themed phrases, clues, and postcards. 

In the very first scene, when Nashton kills his victim (who is rumored to be the new mayor of Gotham), he communicates with Batman in cryptic phrases written on a postcard with a skeleton and an owl symbol at the front. If you are a fan of DC comics, you would know that the owl symbol is in reference to the Court of Owls, a fictitious secret organization present in Gotham since the colonial times.

Though it is not clear what Nashton was trying to say to Batman, it does look that he wants to uncover lies that have been masked by the higher hierarchies of Gotham.

"What does a liar do when he is dead?" is written on a postcard which Jim Gordon (played by Jeffrey Wright of Westworld fame) picks and reads to Batman. The fans have suggested that the answer to the question might lie in the cryptic symbols written at the bottom of the postcard.

The cryptic symbols have been translated by some sections of the fanbase, and they believe it says- “He lies still.”

Oswald Cobblespot, aka The Penguin played by Colin Farrell, is also a big part of the film though it is highly unlikely that he will be the central villain because the trailer focuses mainly on The Riddler's plans. However, there are fan theories that suggest otherwise.

Some sections of the fans think The Riddler is a red-herring in the trailer, and the crux of the story lies somewhere else, mainly dealing with the Court of Owls with which the Penguin might be involved.

Other highly speculative fan theories pitch the idea of ​​Bruce Wayne's parents (Thomas and Martha Wayne) being involved with Court of Owls. The Riddler might be the one who knows the truth, and he wants Bruce (who is unaware of it) to figure it out by following his clues.

Zoe Kravitz plays Selina Kyle (Catwoman), and the trailer alluded to the fact she might be after Court of Owls. She and Batman might join hands in order to restore order in Gotham.

It is imperative to know that the release date for The Batman has been tentatively set, which is October the 1st 2020.

There is plenty of work still to be done as Matt Reeves has confirmed that only a 25 percent movie has been shot. Yet, the trailer out of these 25 percent shots looks spectacular indeed.

Fans have got no cavils with Robert Pattinson's mannerisms and voice as The Batman. The actor has come a long way since his time with the Twilight franchise. He has won adulation from critics regarding his performances in recent independent films that include “High Life,” “Good Time,” and the most recent one, “The Lighthouse.”

He is also a lead actor of Christopher Nolan's Tenet, which is about to be released in the United States on September the 3rd, 2020. The reviews of the film are already out.   

He will also star alongside Tom Holland in the Netflix production “Devil All the Time,” which will release on September the 16th, 2020.

source:  https://threadk.com/matt-reeves-has-created-a-more-aggressive-darker-and-berserk-batman/

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