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Why Do You Need Alexa For Your Smartphone?

You need the Alexa app for connecting Amazon Echo speakers from your smartphone. But if you are ignoring this app, then possibly, you are missing many things. It's much more than just a set up for Echo speakers. 




Know About The Home Screen Of Alexa App

Now open the Alexa app and go to the home screen. From there, you will get a useful overview of the services offered by Alexa. You will get to know about some upcoming reminders, your to-do list, and many more tasks. 

Right at the top, there is the Alexa button. Tap there and say “Alexa” and give any digital voice command. It is incredibly easy to use Alexa voice command. You don't need to manage settings, and you just have to open the app, tap on the button, and say “Alexa Play Music” for playing your favorite tunes. 

If you have Smart speakers and they are connected through Alexa, then you can give the same voice command of an app to the smart speakers. Giving command from your phone is more reliable than giving the command from  Echo  because you don't need to go closer to your Echo to give the command. When you give a command from your phone, you can get both visual and audible feedback, which will prove a better option for you. 

Reminders And To-Do Lists

If you usually set a lot of reminders and have a lengthy list saved on Alexa, then it will be more feasible for you to manage them from the screen. Using an app from your phone might prove a better option to view complicated reminders, and it also helps you to add additional notes whenever required. 

When you use your phone setting reminders and to-do list, the list will appear on the home screen of your application. You can see more reminders set by you by tapping on the “More” option. 

Sometimes, setting reminders on Echo can prove a confusing task. Due to the confusion, Alexa might set the wrong reminder. Sometimes, it is quite challenging to explain Alexa from your voice about your reminder. In that case, your app can prove a better option. 

You Can Control Your Smart Home With Smart Devices

If you have smart devices connected with Alexa, you can control them by giving voice commands from your phone's app. It is an easier task to give the command from your phone's screen, but it usually depends upon the task. The app can provide a full list and control of smart devices connected from your Alexa's App. 

Giving commands on your app will let you turn your smart lights plug off and on, and set the temperature of your smart device. If you want to add a new device on your intelligent Alexa app, you can do it by tapping the “+” icon on the app's top right corner. You can get detailed settings about that particular device by device category from the app. 

You Can Set up Alexa Routines

Setting routines can prove one of the most useful features offered by Alexa. It is a feature that is combined with several tasks that were triggered by only one command. If you say “Good Morning” to Alexa, then your smart lights get turned off, and your Echo will play your morning playlist. 

You can also configure your routine from your mobile app and customize it any time from there. If you want to add a new routine, you can tap on the “+” button on the top right corner. 

App Can Manage Audiobooks And Music

If you are using Echo for listening to music or Audiobooks. The play button on the center of the Alexa navigation app can prove helpful in that situation. You can play, pause, skip, and many more from your app. You can also adjust the volume from the app. 

Even the play screen shows the music that you have been listening to. It might be your music library, online radio station, audiobook, and many more. Therefore, you can use different services connected with Alexa from your smartphone. Even, you can check which services are hooked up with Alexa. You can see the entries for TV, Music, and Video. The app also allows you to choose the default services to launch through the voice commands, especially when you don't use other specific services like Spotify and Apple Music. 

source:  https://ratelr.com/why-do-you-need-alexa-for-your-smartphone/

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