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20 августа 2020 г. 13:42, г. Агджабеди, Азербайджан Смотреть на карте

Trust Has Dropped Its Ultimate Wireless and Affordable Products

Trust Electronics  is one of the leading digital accessories manufacturers in the market. They recently launched  Primo Bluetooth, Eaze Bluetooth, the Tones,  and  Nika Touch  wireless headphones. The new headphones by  Trust  have been designed to offer a fantastic product at an affordable range. 



Trust Nika Touch Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Nika Touch  is known for its extra-long wireless range. The highlights of these headphones are a wireless spectrum, portable charging capabilities, excellent sound quality, and an affordable price tag. The earphones will offer exceptional sound quality, and it will be a perfect match for those who want to use headphones while traveling.

It offers an incredible 10 meters Bluetooth range and is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0. You can use this device for around 6 hours in a single charge. The carry case of the headphones will provide an additional 10 hours playback time so that it can be used for 16 hours with the case's battery. The headphones have a secure silicone fit, stylish design, excellent touch control, and it has an in-built microphone for better functionality. 

Trust Primo Touch Bluetooth Wireless Earphones 

It is available in Black, Mint, Blue, White, and Pink color. You can get it from Amazon. Trust Primo Touch  offers a trendy design that is combined with fantastic sound quality. You don't need to worry about the comfort fit of this headphone. The unique design of this headphone helps them to stay on your head for the whole day. It can also alert you about the sounds around you for your security. Trust primo touch also offers an ultra-long-range of 10 meters. You will get 4 hours of playtime in a single charge. The carry case of the headphones will provide an additional 10 hours playback time so that we can use it for 14 hours with the case's battery. You can manage simple essential functions like play, pause, next and previous, with a simple touch. It can also allow you to make phone calls with the help of a voice assistant feature through the in-built microphone.  

Trust Eaze Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 

The  Eaze Bluetooth headset can give you an impressive voice assistant to your favorite music from anywhere and anytime. The headphone has 40mm drivers and an ultra-long-range of 10 meters that allows you to use your favorite tunes from anywhere. You might be impressed by its incredible 30 hours playtime that too in a single charge. It makes it one of the best headphones for extended trips or journeys. The company also offers 3.5mm cables, and you can use it when you don't or can't use its wireless feature. Undoubtedly, it scores well in comfortability. It has a soft, cushioned faux leather that can allow you to use it for a longer duration. You can adjust the headband as per your convenience. It has a foldable design that increases its portability. You can get it from Amazon, and it is only available in black color. 

Trust Tones Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 

These are another headphone by  Trust . It can enhance the music experience with or without cables. If you don't want to use it wirelessly, you can connect its 3.5mm audio jack to enjoy the music; Otherwise, you can connect it through Bluetooth. It has a wide 10-meter range, which is a common feature among all the headphones by  Trust. Incredible 25 hours playtime is more than sufficient for any wireless headphones. It is a user-friendly and comfortable headphone that has cushioned on-ear pads. It is lightweight and has an adjustable design. There is a button on the ear cup that can allow the user to skip songs, and use voice assistant feature. It is available in black, pink, turquoise, blue, and white. It is also available on Amazon. These are the new ultimate wireless headphones by Trust. Undoubtedly, these are the best headphones at an affordable range.

source:  https://ratinglr.com/trust-has-dropped-its-ultimate-wireless-and-affordable-products/

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