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Use These Websites to Check Everything Google Knows About You



Despite being the most popular company, Google is known to extract data about you. When you use their products like YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Hangouts, etc. it collects necessary and personal information from you and further sells them to the companies wanting to pull brand ads on your screens. Apart from the services, there are a few products by Google for tracking you online, and most of these smart products disguise themselves in My Google dashboard. Fortunately, you can check everything Google knows about you using the following websites:

Google Dashboard

This webpage brings transparency as it shows you all the activities related to your Google account. These activities include Gmail, Web and App Activity, Calendar, YouTube, and more. You can also check your location history and add extra security to control your data. If you want a copy of every detail to check it later, click on ‘Download Your Data’ at the top left corner in the beginning. You can check the map timeline, privacy, and security check-up as well.

Inactive Account Manager

As per Google’s program policies, you have to open the Gmail account at least once in every nine months, or else Google will earn the rights to terminate your account. If you remain inactive on one of your Gmail accounts but don’t want to lose the data connected to it, then you should use Inactive Account Manager. You can use it to decide the terms for when Google should consider your account to be inactive and what they should do with your data afterward. You can also choose to send a notification to someone you trust or get the account deleted after a certain amount of time.

Apps Permissions

It will direct you to the Google webpage that contains all the data related to the apps that have access to your account. It shows all the things that enjoy limited or full access to your Google account. You can also check the list of connected and permitted Android devices, mobile apps and games, web apps and websites, browser extensions and Google Scripts. If anything doesn’t meet your requirement, then you can choose to remove access from any of the listed items. This will make those apps lose a little bit of control from your data and device.

Google Ads Settings

Google shows you personalized ads based on your search history. This webpage will display your ad profile created by Google based on what it knows about you from your Google+ profile, web & app activity, ads you’ve clicked, and more. Google uses all this information to show you the most relevant advertisements that you’re more likely to follow. You can choose to end or tweak the interest-based ads on Google, YouTube and Google ads across the web. At the end of this page, you can click on Your Online Choices to control and manage the ads.

Google My Activity

Under the Web and App Activity section of this webpage, you’ll find details of everything you did on Google services, including YouTube, Maps, etc. Depending on the permissions you give, your audio will be saved. If you permit it to record your voice and audio history, it will collect all your voice searches. You can also choose to auto-delete all the details every three months, 18 months, or delete it manually.

The sites mentioned above will keep you informed about your online activity tracking and the source of the ads, and other things you find on your devices. You might be amazed to see the details Google holds about you.

source: https://global-address.com/blog/use-these-websites-to-check-everything-google-knows-about-you/

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