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18 августа 2020 г. 14:05

Microsoft Edge Reveals Lots of New Features to Beat Chrome

Microsoft Edge has become the second-best browser in the market and has lots of amazing features in it. But now Microsoft has added lots of new features in Microsoft Edge to beat Google Chrome and become the number one Web browser in the market. So, let’s learn about these new features in detail.



Vertical Tabs Feature

It is a great feature that allows you to place all your tabs at the side of your web browser, unlike other popular web browsers in the market without any additional add-on or extension. You can also easily switch tabs or group multiple tabs together, just like other popular browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox while using the Vertical tabs feature on Microsoft Edge. It is a really amazing feature and can be very helpful, especially if you are someone who always ends up closing wrong tabs in your browser.

To use this feature, simply open multiple tabs in your Microsoft Edge browser and then hit on the “Vertical tabs” option (located at the top -left corner).

Note: This is a new feature and is not available for all Edge users. So, don’t worry if you don’t see this feature on your browser. You will soon receive it.

Ability to Install Theme From the Google Web Store

It is another great feature that has been confirmed for the Microsoft Edge browser, which will allow Edge users to install themes directly from the Google Web Store. Earlier, Edge users only had three themes in Microsoft Edge (Light, Dark, and System Default), but now you will be able to install all the themes that are available on Google Web Store to your Microsoft Edge Browser. Amazing, right?.

New Flag to Use Backspace Key to Navigate Back and Forward

It is another great feature that has been added by Microsoft Edge that allows its users to navigate a webpage back and forward by using the backspace key of their keyboard. To enable this feature:

  1. Open your Edge browser and type the following URL: edge://flags
  2. Now search for the “Backspace” option using the search bar.
  3. Next, select the “Enabled option from the menu of the flag.
  4. Finally, restart your Microsoft Edge browser to enable the feature in your browser.

Microsoft is working very hard to become the top web browser, and it appears that its efforts are bearing fruits too. However, Google Chrome is also not behind and has also added lots of unique features in its beta program for early access like tab collapsing, share password support, biometric authentication. Therefore, it’s too early to come to any conclusion as of now.

source: https://walcitybase.com/blog/microsoft-edge-reveals-lots-of-new-features-to-beat-chrome/

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