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17 августа 2020 г. 14:13, г. Неукен, Аргентина Смотреть на карте

Dropbox Launches Security Vault, Computer Backup, And Password Management For Th

Irrespective of having memory cards and USB drives, everyone will face a time when they need extra storage for keeping their documents and memories safe. In that condition, Dropbox will work to keep your essential stuff in your cloud. 



Dropbox is a cloud storage device that can help by storing essential files in the cloud. Anyone can use them anytime from any device, irrespective of the device they are using to operate it. Dropbox will not automatically copy all the folders from your device, so you need to copy it manually. 

Recently, the company has launched new features for its cloud-based services. They have released services like computer backups, password managers, and PIN Vault. 

The password manager is available for the Pro or Plus members. It will keep all the login information secure and allow you to review your passwords anytime. Anyone can use this service on Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android devices. Only premium members can use this feature.  

Usually, people used to keep their documents like ID cards, passports in their cloud. So, users must secure their cloud storage. In that case, Dropbox has decided to launch a Vault to keep these files safe. These files can be moved from the vault easily, and it is protected from PIN. No one can access files stored in your cloud without your PIN. The Vault feature is for only Dropbox users.

Every Dropbox user can use the backup feature. It allows you to backup all folders from the system. The feature will synchronize all the folders like Downloads, Documents, and Desktop between your hard drive and cloud. These files will be stored in your cloud so that you can use them from anywhere. 

For better understanding, find all the features in bullet form:

  • Dropbox Passwords -  The feature allows you to save usernames and passwords, and the feature can also sync them across your devices. The app also suggests your password when you log in to any website or any mobile app. You can use this app from your mobile, desktop, or use it as the browser's extension. 
  • Dropbox Vault -  It offers additional layers of security to the documents or files saved in the Dropbox. A PIN protects the vault, and you can share the documents with your trusted contacts by sharing the Vault's PIN. You can open the vault from any device by logging in your details. The feature is only available for Dropbox users only. 
  • Dropbox Computer Backup  - It allows the users to automatically backup all the folders on their systems like PC and MAC. It is specially designed for storing folders. You don't need to pay extra for a premium account as it is available for all Dropbox users. 

People are expecting that Dropbox will launch a new file sharing service. Plus or Pro members of Dropbox can use Password Management and Vault services. All users (including Pro and Plus) can use a computer backup facility. You can download this application from Play Store or  APKMirror. Both the platforms are providing updated apps for the users. 

source: https://ratelr.com/dropbox-launches-security-vault-computer-backup-and-password-management-for-their-users/

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