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10 августа 2020 г. 13:41, г. Buena Vista, Аргентина Смотреть на карте

Apple Equipped the New iMac with Enhanced 5K Display & More Power

The new iMac has an enhanced 27-inch display along with a tremendous update in specification, performance, and camera. You can purchase the new iMac right now as Apple has finally launched it in the market. Keep in mind that this new variant has pretty observable upgrades from design to performance.    



Talking about the display, it has a massive 27-inch screen with  5K resolution , which is a noteworthy update. Coming to the specs, the company has installed a  10-core Intel CPU  to the new iMac, making it one of the fastest computers around the world. It will deliver up to  5.0GHz of CPU speed  which is pretty dramatic. This new processor makes it roughly  65% faster  than the predecessor iMac that runs on an 8-core CPU.

Not only the CPU, but Apple also has upgraded its video card with the  AMD Radeon Pro 5000 - series graphics processing unit. This device has up to  16GB of VRAM  that puts it on the next level. There is no other Mac in the current market that comes even closer to it when it comes to specification. The new GPU and VRAM would allow users to access  Maxon Cinema 4D ProRender  with up to 55% better performance. Not only that, but it will render demo flythroughs up to 50% quicker in Unity Editor.

Before this iMac variant, Apple was offering a 27-inch iMac that doesn't even have an SSD, let alone the 10-core CPU and 16GB VRAM. This older iMac was not as impressive as computers should be in 2020. Gladly, the new iMac has changed the whole level of Mac computers, and now they are comparable to the customized high-performance PCs.

In the newer iMac, the SSDs alone is powerful enough to hit over  3.4GBps  of speed. You will get up to  8TB SSD  with this variant. Isn't that impressive? Apple has put the nano-texture technology in the new iMac that it often uses on  Mac Pro's Pro Display XDR . With this upgrade, you will experience far better viewing in different lighting environments.             

Furthermore, it has an even better webcam that delivers up to  1080p  resolution. In the prior model, it was  720p  which was a little disappointing. Now Apple has fixed all pitfalls of the iMac series by releasing the innovative 2020 model.

Wrap it up

The all-new iMac is powered by the 10-core processor and a 5K whooping display. You can buy it right now from popular shopping platforms. It is far superior to other traditional Mac computers. We hope this information was helpful to you.

source:  https://thelistingbay.com/blog/apple-equipped-the-new-imac-with-enhanced-5k-display-more-power/

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