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How Do You Update MS Office Apps on macOS & Windows

Microsoft Office is arguably the world's best and most utilized PC application, and it is also available to Mac users. The Office suite is a must application for the students, corporations, and businesses. Its top-notch features are just outstanding and make the process simple.



If you are using older Microsoft Office and wish to update to the latest version, you have landed on the right website. In this article, you will learn how to check for updates on Microsoft Office and then install the updates.   

Updating Microsoft Office on Windows and Mac

By updating your Office apps, you can get the latest features and experience the newest UI. Also, the latest updates carry some fixes for reported bugs and glitches. Let's learn how to update Office apps.

Turning On Automatic Updates

Do you know that Microsoft Office comes with the automatic update feature? Not only that, but the automatic update feature is also enabled by default in most Office apps. However, if you have turned off the automatic update for Office apps, you should enable it to make sure the app automatically downloads and installs the latest updates. 

Let's learn how to enable Automatic Update on MS Office on Windows:

  1. First, press the  Windows + R  keys on your keyboard at the same time to launch the  Run  app.
  2. Then put in  winword  into the text field.
  3. Hit the  Enter  key on your keyboard. 
  4. This will open the Word app on your screen.
  5. In the MS Office Word app, make your way to the  File  tab from the upper navigation method. 
  6. Now head to the  Account  section located on the left side menu. 
  7. See if the  Automatic  Updates  are disabled.
  8. If you have turned off the automated update, you will see a message, “This product will not be updated.”
  9. To turn it on, click on the  Update  Options .
  10. Choose  Enable  Updates  option to turn on automatic updates.

Now, whenever you will connect to the internet, Microsoft will check for updates and install if any update is available automatically. 

Here how to Turn On Automatic Updates on Mac:

  1. On your Mac, first, find the MS Office Word app.
  2. Then open it.
  3. Once you are inside the  Word  app, head to the  Help  section from the above menu. 
  4. Click on the “Check for Updates” option from the drop-down.
  5. MS Office  AutoUpdate  wizard will show up.
  6. You need to click the option saying  Automatically  Download  and  Install  from the given options.
  7. Once this option is selected, you should save the settings.
  8. Close the app and the wizard.

Office apps will now update themselves automatically. Whenever Microsoft launches a new update, your Mac will update Office to the latest vision on its own.

How to Manually Download & Install Office Updates

Many users don't prefer automated updates because sometimes it consumes a lot of internet data unintentionally in the background. It also affects the system's performance, and the user allocated internet speed. So if you wish to manually update MS Office, follow the instructions mentioned down here:

On Windows:

  1. Open the  MS Word  app on your system. 
  2. Go to  File  from the upper tab. 
  3. Now head to  Account  from the bottom of the left side menu.
  4. Press on  Update  Options .
  5. Make a click on the  Update  Now  option.
  6. If you have turned off updates, then first enable it, and then you will see this option.
  7. When you press  Update Now , the Office will check for the available updates instantly.

If the updates are available, it will install them to your PC, and you will finally see a message saying that Office is up to date.

On macOS:

  1. Open  Word .
  2. Go to  Help
  3. Hit the  Check for Updates  option. 
  4. Click on  Check for Updates  once more to manually force your Mac to update the Office version.

When you keep your MS Office up to date, you will be able to use the improved version of the Office apps. It will enhance your overall productivity while using Office on your Mac or Windows PC.

source:  https://rateearly.com/how-do-you-update-ms-office-apps-on-macos-windows/

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