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Things You Should Keep in Mind to Save Battery of Your Android Smartphone

If you are a smartphone user, especially if using Android, you must have experienced your phone consuming plenty of power. These phones are coming up with high-end features and there are so many software packages which are running in the background and sometimes there are notifications which are popping up continuously which makes the battery of your phone die soon. This might have led you to use power banks and other backup options but if that too is not enough then we have got you some tips to save batteries on your Android smartphone for a longer period. 

Power Saving Mode 

Smartphone manufacturing companies have also realized the need for longer battery life and have started offering options that can be used to make your battery last longer. One of the really useful options to save battery is the power-saving mode. If you are using power saving mode, it will limit your display brightness, CPU speed, and the network usage to save battery for some emergency. In the latest Samsung smartphones, there is also another kind of power-saving option which keeps your phone open to only some essential apps and services and saves battery. 

Avoid Mobile Data 

Another helpful tip to save battery on your phone is to use Wi-Fi instead of network data that consumes a lot of power. If you think that you won't receive any urgent incoming call or text SMS, then you can also try switching your Airplane mode on and keep using the phone with Wi-Fi connection. This will disable all data network features and might save you a lot of battery.

Track Other Features

If you are keeping features like Bluetooth, phone visibility, location services, and voice assistant always active, then that will also consume your battery very fast. You can give a thought to put these services at rest and it will save you a lot of battery.

Adjust Brightness Level

You might find it fancy to keep a very bright screen which looks very charming but if you want to save your battery brightness then you might consider changing your setting and putting it on the medium from the highest. Disabling auto-brightness will also help you in saving the battery life of your phone. Also, reducing active time for your display to 15-30 seconds will help to save your battery. Make sure you also edit the notification settings of the apps which light up your screen on every alert. 

Use Static Wallpapers

If you want to improve the battery life of your phone then you might be considering removing moving wallpapers because that consumes a lot of energy from your battery to keep moving. You should be keeping wallpapers which are still and with lesser colors. If you have some widgets active on your screen then make sure you disable them, so they won't be consuming any extra battery from your phone. 

Use Silent Mode

Silencing your phone is also a good idea to avoid annoying notifications and to save your battery. Your phone will not be needing the energy it uses to vibrate, that way.

Restrict Apps

Taking storage control of the apps on your phone, restricting apps from auto-updating, downloading can also help you to save your battery.

These tips are surely going to help you to use your phone for a longer period, and save your battery for the time when it is needed. These tips will also help in improving the performance of your phone.

 source: https://geekswire.uk.com/things-you-should-keep-in-mind-to-save-battery-of-your-android-smartphone/  

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