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Crossword Puzzle Apps for Your Brain to Exercise

If you have a love for crosswords and you keep looking for them with higher difficulties, then you should surely use these amazing crosswords apps on our list. These apps are available on major app stores. You can get them installed on your device to kill your time and to improve your vocabulary. These crossword puzzles come in different sizes with different difficulty levels and are going to keep your leisure time occupied with this hobby. We are going to share this list of amazing crossword puzzle apps that you can download for free. Let's explore more from this list !!

World's Biggest Crossword

It is one of the best crossword apps available on Android and iOS. It keeps getting updated continuously so you can keep going with it, without reaching an end. There are hundreds of unique puzzles and you are rewarded for solving those. There is a new lengthy crossword puzzle on the app every day. This app also has 100 extra-large crosswords that have tough clues and longer words. You can play this game in 7 modes. 

5-Minute Crossword Puzzles

If you have a tight schedule but cannot let your love for crosswords go, then this app is for you. This app has a large set of small crossword puzzles which you can be playing while doing different chores such as if waiting in a queue or waiting for your bus. Crosswords on this app are clear, and completely visible on a single screen. You won't need to keep scrolling to find other parts of the puzzle. This game is enjoyed by a big number of people across the world as it is available in three languages ​​English, French, and Russian. 

One clue crossword

This app is developed by AppyNation and has 4.5 ratings on Google Play Store. The easy interface and design of this app make it one of the best crossword puzzle apps for you. It has a bright design and interface to appeal to your eyes and also enough puzzles to make your brain work out. This app is a bit different from other crossword puzzle apps in that it does not give you a written clue but a picture, and in that picture, you have all the clues of the puzzle. In 50 different categories, this app has more than 700 puzzles. 


This is another visual crossword, which breaks the trail of boring standard puzzles and offers you something different. 1000 levels of this puzzle are going to challenge even the pros and crossword enthusiasts. You might find yourself stuck at something very easy which you cannot even think of and you might find them in unexpected places. This app is surely going to test your vocabulary and observation skills. 


Another app available on Android and iOS, CodyCross is one of the best crossword apps, and probably that's why it is listed under Editor's choice on Play Store. In this game, you follow an alien named CodyCross, who takes you on a journey across space and time but to move on to the next level, you have to go through a themed crossword puzzle. You should be connected with the internet while using this app, and also be ready to solve the words from new genres. This app has also got a premium version with some additional features. 

These are some of the best crossword puzzle apps, you would want on your phone if you are a crossword fan. These apps are going to test your vocabulary and brain strength really well. 

 source: https://thelistingbay.com/blog/crossword-puzzle-apps-for-your-brain-to-exercise/ 

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