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31 июля 2020 г. 15:30, г. Кукес, Албания Смотреть на карте

The Weather in Ghosts of Tsushima Is Affected by How You Play the Game

Nate Fox, the creative head of the game Ghosts of Tsushima, has lately accepted the fact that the weather in the background of the game is entirely dependent on how the individual player is going through the game. People are in absolute awe of the game's locations and the details in them. The players sit on their horses and trot about, hacking the rivals and enjoying the weather changes that are solely affected by the tactics employed by the players as the lead character samurai Jin Sakai.

The game categorizes itself in the action-adventure genre and operates in an open-world setting. The depiction of the primary character is as the last-standing samurai who is out to save his motherland. But just because the basic plotline revolves around death, destruction and massacre does not mean that the countryside view cannot be breathtakingly beautiful. The game imitates the bright colors of Japan. No matter what ruins you visit and how disaster-struck they might be, the weather is always something you will want to explore further. Context clues such as smoke on the horizon, greenery, and animals will direct you to hidden locations. It not only improves the character in the game but also lets you deeply explore the rich history and sites in the game. The coding also enables you to interact with your surroundings in fun ways,

Another weather phenomenon that is an integral part of the game is the guiding wind. The wind indirectly suggests the direction you should take to further your quest. It does not spoon-feed the entire task as you still have to explore the unknown location you are led to. Context clues are a big deal in the game and do not feel unnatural or forced. The players can press 'right' on the D-pad, and the game presents a visible gust of wind that suggests where the players should go next.

The game brings the 1400s era of Japan to stunning reality. The water is clean and flows pleasingly as the soothing moonlight hits the blades of the grass while the gamers sit on their horses and cross the open fields. The option of capturing screenshots lets players share these scenes with their friends and family via social media and also show off their progress in the game. Nate states that the weather adjusts itself according to Jin and his selection between the honorable samurai route and the route into shadows. As the players begin preferring the Ghost, the weather gets harsher and gloomy. But for players who prefer being in control, Jin can use his flute and change weathers, and some songs even let you change day to night and vice versa.

The players who tend to use more techniques that the righteous samurai may not approve of, like stealth combat, the weather tends to keep getting darker and obscure, maybe to signify that the character is not on a moral path. Nonetheless, it is fun to experience the game, especially when the creative team has put so much effort and innovation in creating the whole mood of the game.

source: https://global-address.com/blog/the-weather-in-ghosts-of-tsushima-is-affected-by-how-you-play-the-game/ 

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