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31 июля 2020 г. 14:47, г. Lernakert, Армения Смотреть на карте

Best Classic Retro Games for Android

Old is gold; this saying is true to its core when it comes to gaming. Missing the nostalgic vibe of retro gaming? Try out a fantastic array of retro Android games. Let's bring back the good old days of classic games as we count down our picks for the best retro Android games.

Pac-Man 256

Often recalled as one of the most iconic games of all time, Pac-Man stands out as our all-time favorite when it comes to retro gaming. Lucky for us, the game is now available on the Google Play Store.

Rules to play the game are quite straightforward. The interactivity has changed; however, it maintained its one of a kind highlights, uncomplicated interaction, and other minor elements. As of now, the game development is completed along a labyrinth– a yellow, fun, and playful legend, moving across the courses of the area, gathering white specks along its way. Furthermore, Pac-man foes can still be found: smart and ordered phantoms with the names Blinky, Pinky, Inka, and Clyde who try to create every possible hindrance along the way.

Apart from keeping all the traditional elements intact, the Android version offers some exciting new additions like a weapon store to level up and purchase weapons.


This gem was a game that we all used to have on our computers, mostly as a pre-installed game. The game can be defined as equal parts of thrill and mystery. It is a well-deserved spot when we count our picks for the best retro games. In the game, you're presented with a playing field that is covered with numerous mines. You're assigned the role of a sapper, to identify and clear out those mines. No mine can explode, if it does, the whole field explodes. You're always one-wrong-move away from exploding the entire ground and losing the game. Some enticing additions were made in the Android version's adaptation to this classic. There are now opportunities to clear up the field much earlier; a few squares can be opened from a solitary snap.

Crazy Taxi Classic

This is a “classic” in its true sense. Crazy Taxi Classic will change your perception about taking a taxi cab. Abiding by the rules, following the speed limit, an exhausting workday - no, here everything is exceptional. You're supposed to drive to a predefined location at a speed where your vehicle may crush out. If you try to take it slow and drive carefully, the customer will get anxious and start requesting you to drive faster. This is paired up with charming customer outcries during bumps and bounces that compel you to drive as fast as you can avoiding bumps and obstacles. Frantic speed, the ability to do insane things through your drive, thumping down everything that disrupts your journey, make this game a one of its kind experience.

Sonic Dash

One of the pioneers in the endless running arcade games, Sonic Dash is one such game that holds its charm till today. It is a fast-paced gameplay experience where Sonic, the main character, runs through an endless pathway that consists of three lanes. If you're unable to accomplish satisfactory outcomes from the run, you can head over to the in-game-store for power-ups, opening unique rewards, or to polarize the collected gold rings.

This was our list for some of the best retro Android games that you need to try out. Head over to the Play Store now, and experience the essence of nostalgia with these tasteful and everlasting classics.

source:  https://storeaddresses.com/blog/best-classic-retro-games-for-android/

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