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Best Top Range Android Smartphones Available Right Now

In the past few weeks, there have been several launches and announcements of some exciting Android smartphones, including  ASUS ROG Phone 3

Apart from the ASUS, Samsung is also going to release its  Samsung Galaxy Note 20  series. Most people are waiting to see the upcoming smartphones that are scheduled for the second half of 2020. The blog has some details about the best top range Android smartphones.

ASUS ROG Phone 3

The smartphone by the ASUS was in the limelight. The device was sold in multiple locations and versions. The Strix  Edition of the ASUS phone comes with the Snapdragon 865 Qualcomm processor, 256GB storage with 8GB RAM.

The USP of this smartphone is an excellent display of 144 Hz that gives you superior performance, a good audio compartment, and better connectivity options. Some variants are going to be released in August.

Undoubtedly, ROG Phone 3 is one of the crucial smartphones in the market as it is branded as the gaming smartphone and has the capabilities to prove that it will become the most ambitious gaming smartphone. 

OnePlus 8 Pro

Now let's explore a product that was in buzz due to its specifications. You can buy it from Amazon, and it has some amazing specs like:

  • IP68 certification.
  • 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.
  • It has a display screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • Available with the entire connectivity sector, but the audio jack is missing.
  • 30-Watt Wired or wireless charger.
  • Most importantly, it supports 5G networks. 

The only issue with this phone is that this phone is that it is not equivalent to its other flagship smartphones. For example, the phone offers non-expandable memory, which is not a good option. The product is a little pricey, but it is one of the best products from the OnePlus. 

OPPO Find X2 Pro

It is the product that doesn't compromise on its features. Oppo claims that it has a 120Hz refresh rate and colorOS 7.1, which is sufficient enough to render and play a graphic interface. You can also say that the OPPO  Find X2 Pro  is an all-rounder device that can offer excellent performance. The camera of the smartphone produces precise images that can help you in producing perfect images.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung smartphones don't need any introduction. Galaxy S20 Ultra  is the flagship series by Samsung. The device's primary strength is the 120 Hz refresh rate and an excellent camera sensor that can help you to capture the best images. It offers complete connectivity with some advanced add-ons like Wi-Fi 6 and 5G support.

Samsung Galaxy S20 (4G Version)

As per the official ranking by Amazon Italy,  Samsung Galaxy S20 (4G Version)  is the top-selling smartphone on their platform. It is a product that has received positive reviews from critics.

The only issue with this smartphone is the slow working of the biometric sensor. When the phone was launched, some people hesitated to buy this smartphone due to its high price. But over the past few months, there has been an interesting drop in the cost of the smartphone .

These are some of the phones that have created a buzz in July 2020, and you can buy these smartphones if you want to buy any latest flagship smartphone. 

source: https://threadk.com/best-top-range-android-smartphones-available-right-now/

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