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7 января  2021 г. 07:47

Maintenance Of Extension Drilling Tools

First, in daily maintenance, pay attention to keeping the surface of mechanical petroleum machinery equipment dry. These equipment will inevitably cause some sediments to be left in the normal use process, which will increase the wear and tear of the equipment during operation. , Causing equipment loss; at the same time, it is necessary to observe the bearing equipment and friction part of the equipment at any time. The article was originally published in the "Global Market Information Guide" magazine sponsored by the Literature Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Part of the temperature should not be higher than 70 ℃, once it is higher than this temperature, the equipment must be shut down to lower the temperature, and the cause of this problem must be found in time; in addition, in the daily use of Reaming Bit, pay attention to listening The abnormal sound during the operation of the equipment, once some abnormal sound appears, it is mostly because the equipment has a problem, and it must be shut down for inspection and maintenance.

Second, check the sealing of the equipment regularly. Once an oil leak is found in the equipment seal, stop the machine in time and seal the oil leak; in addition, check the connection firmware of each connection regularly, such as If there is any looseness, reinforce it in time.

Third, check the performance of each hose regularly. These hoses will appear dry and cracked after a period of work. When this happens, these hoses should be replaced in time, and the fuel tank should be checked frequently. Whether the oil has deteriorated, add hydraulic oil in time. At the same time, check the hydraulic system frequently. When the pointer of the filter element points to the red zone, it proves that the filter element has been blocked. The machine should be stopped immediately and the filter element should be replaced to avoid damage to the oil pump or motor. In addition, when the pressure gauge fails, it should be replaced in time.


The management and maintenance of Extension Drilling Tools equipment is extremely important to oil companies. It is related to whether the oil company can work normally. The management and maintenance of these equipment must take full account of the actual characteristics of the oil company. It is necessary to fully implement relevant management regulations, strengthen information communication and feedback between equipment operations and management personnel, and do a good job of supervision and inspection in peacetime, integrate this supervision and inspection specification into the daily management of the enterprise, and gradually form a system , Only in this way can our oil companies get healthy development.

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