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17 декабря 2020 г. 06:30

Lubrication Requirements Of Dth Hammer

     DTH Bit has been adopted by many companies due to its excellent performance and wide applicability to various mines. It is not only because of its own performance advantages, but also because of its convenient operation characteristics. Usually we will prepare a series of measures before using it. Before preparing to use the roof bolter, have you paid attention to the following? Let's take a look at the content of attention.
      DTH Bit use note:
      1. Whether each switch of DTH Bit is in the "off" position.
      2. Whether the place where DTH Bit is placed is strong and hard enough to support its work.
      3. Whether the water pipes and air pipes connected to DTH Bit are clean and unobstructed; whether there is a filter at the intake end, and whether the water and air sources can be continuously supplied.
      4. Whether there is enough lubricating oil in the DTH Bit oil cup (some are called lubricator). Whether the outrigger cylinder of the rock bolter is damaged or the glass fiber has been exposed, if the answer is yes, it is forbidden to use it again to avoid explosion. Please replace the cylinder immediately.
      5. DTH Bit, its maintenance during use, this work is also important and critical, because it is related to the service life of the equipment and other aspects, so it can not be treated and carried out carelessly.
      6. Maintenance of DTH Bit, its main contents are:
      7. (1) The surface of the drilling rig must be kept clean and clean, free of debris and dirt, etc., if any, it should be cleaned up in time.
      8. (2) For the rolling bearings and friction parts in the equipment, check whether the temperature rise and temperature are normal. Generally, the temperature of the bearing should not be greater than 70°C.
      9. (3) For the gears and other transmission parts in the equipment, pay attention to whether they are running normally and whether there are abnormal noises. If there are any abnormalities, they should be shut down immediately for inspection without delay.
      10. (2) If the seals in the equipment are found to be cut off or leaked, they should be stopped immediately, and then deal with it.
      11.(5) The protective cover and other safety protection components should also be inspected, and if there is any problem, deal with it in time.
      12.(6) DTH Hammer equipment should be lubricated according to the lubrication requirements, and the lubrication must be in place.

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