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10 декабря 2020 г. 07:04

System Introduction Of Dth Drill Pipe

        In the daily drilling use of Top Hammer Drilling Tools, due to the harsh working environment, some vulnerable parts of the engineering Top Hammer Drilling Tools are lost. Failure to check and clean the dust and oil stains on the components in time will greatly shorten the service life of the engineering rig.
        Next, we will discuss the inspection of crawler anchor drilling rig components at any time during daily use:
      (1) Crawler walking system: It mainly includes crawlers, pile crane pipe running, card board and hook pipe system conditions, and sleeper laying.
      (2) Wire rope: the rope end consolidation of the wire rope, the number of safety turns, and its selection, installation and lubrication. In addition, check for defects, etc.
      (3) DTH Drill Pipe pulley system: mainly includes pulley body condition and transition pulley anti-skipping device.

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