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20 августа 2020 г. 04:50

Construction Of Dth Hammer With Poor Geology

DTH Hammer construction method in bad geological formations
Through practice, the following two methods have been summarized for construction in poor geological formations.

a. Circulating drilling and filling hole method

In the sand and gravel system on the left bank of Xiaowan, our bureau encountered 2# shaft, Shuibuya power station 4# diversion inclined shaft, 4# bus shaft, traffic elevator shaft, and 2# and 4# diversion shaft of Sanbanxi power station. In the geologically poor sections such as faults, cracks, karst trenches, karst troughs or weak interlayers, the phenomenon of non-return water and sludge discharge from the orifice appears to varying degrees during the drilling process. All use the method of cyclic drilling and filling into holes for processing. The specific method is to prepare cement mortar or mud with a water-cement ratio of 0.4 to 0.55 on site, and inject it through grouting equipment or manual grout conveying. The grout is used to fill faults, fissures, dissolving grooves, and dissolving grooves. The grout is poured 24 hours later. Drilling can be carried out. This method is relatively safe and reliable to implement, but due to repeated drilling and grouting, it has a greater impact on the construction progress.

b. Forced hole forming method

This method is suitable for faults and fracture zones that are not large, and are located in the deep-hole zone of vertical wells and inclined wells. This method is that when the depth of vertical wells and inclined wells exceeds 100m, the holes will not return water after encountering faults and fissures. When, continue to drill and continuously press water into the hole with a mud pump until the hole returns to water. The characteristic of this method is to use water pressure to force the slag accumulated during drilling through the cracks, faults or orifices and block the seepage channels in the cracks. Our bureau has adopted this method in the shaft construction of Sanbanxi Power Station and Xiaowan Power Station, which is very effective in accelerating the construction progress.


In the actual construction of DTH Bit, both methods can be used as appropriate according to the situation.

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