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The iPhone is one of the best products developed by Apple, a well-known multinational tech firm. Apple is known for designing various great smart gadgets, including iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, and smartwatches. All the smart devices of this tech firm work well to provide their users with the best experience. Using any of the Apple devices is simple for anyone. Also, within all the devices, the company provides its users with a lot of excellent features and options. If you already own an iPhone, iPad, or any Apple device, you might know all about them and the features that come within them. For instance, there is an option on iPhone and iPad that lets you adjust the brightness automatically. This is a great feature that helps users to save the battery on their iOS devices.

Even though the option to automatically adjust the brightness on an iOS device is useful, it uses sensors to adjust the display’s brightness automatically. But for some reason, you might want to turn it off. Do you know how you can turn off the auto-brightness on your iPhone? If you are a new user of this Apple device, you might not know how to do so. And if this is the situation, you must read this full blog.

Turning off auto-brightness on an iPhone

The option to adjust the brightness automatically makes it easier for the users to use their device in various situations without manually changing the settings. Also, the light sensors to adjust the display brightness helps to preserve your device’s battery. But, it’s completely fine if you wish to disable this functionality. There can be multiple reasons why you wish to turn off the auto-brightness on your iOS device. You might find it annoying when your device adjusts the brightness itself. You can turn off the auto-brightness on your iPhone without any difficulty. For this, you will have to go through your device’s settings page. Here we will show you two methods using which you can quickly disable the auto-brightness on your iOS device. So, it’s finally time to get started with the first method.

Instructions to turn off auto-brightness on an iPhone

Here’s how you can turn off the auto-brightness on your iOS device:

  • First, launch the Settings app on your iPhone. You can launch the app from your home screen.
  • After launching the Settings app, keep scrolling down through your screen and tap the option of “Display and Brightness.”
  • When you get to the Brightness section, turn off the toggle switch for the option of “True Tone.”

If at any time, you wish to enable True Tone, you will have to navigate to the same area in your device’s settings. And then, tap the toggle button for the option of “True Tone.”

The steps to adjust the brightness in the control center

You can also adjust the brightness on your device from the Control Center. Here’s how to do so:

  • If you are using the latest iPhone model with a recent iOS version, you will then open the control center by swiping down from the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the brightness adjuster icon that looks like a sun icon.
  • To make the screen brighter, you will have to slide up. And to make the screen dimmer, slide down.

So, this is how you can turn off the auto-brightness on your iOS device. And this is it for now. Try the procedure now if you also own an iPhone, and let us know if you face any difficulties.

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