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10 мая 2019 г. 23:46, Великобритания Смотреть на карте

Mortal Kombat 11: New 1.03 Patch Would Increase The In-Game Rewards

NetherRealm Studios have unveiled their new Mortal Kombat 11 title for all the diehard fans of the long-running series, but to a surprise, the studio is since being receiving a number of feedback from various community members related to in-game issues faced by them.

Developers at NetherRealm has indeed recognized the ongoing issues faced by the gamers and have resolved to avail its users with a quick fix. Mainly players have been witnessing some extreme challenges for Tower of Time and in-game currency loot which is designed to be very hard to gather.

Players have been looking for different means to gather the in-game currency as it allows them to unlock a range of different items and cosmetics to customize the in-game character. A new 1.03 patch currently available for PS4 players will extensively improve upon the reward mechanics in the game by implementing a number of changes to the game.

With the new 1.03 update, gamers will be able to collect a more significant amount of Koin rewards by accomplishing Dragon challenges, Tower and Tower platform and general duels. Players will also be able to gather plenty of Hearts as the latest 1.03 update will also provide additional hearts for Fatalities, Mercies, and Brutalities.

 PS4 players have been prominently happy to experience the improved rewards after the patch and players are exploring all the details in the new update. The new 1.03 patch update has increased the rewards for players who manage to complete the Towers which is directly indicating that the NetherRealm is trying to implement some quick measures to please its users.

  Moreover, the new update would also let players gather 1,000 Koins in comparison to 100 Koins for completing the Dragon Challenge also players will receive 1,000 Koins for winning a duel which allows players to collect some resource.

The new patch has also effectively improved the rewarding of Hearts which has proven to be a great relief for players as it is amongst the rare items that help in unlocking unique content in the game. Gamers can now avail three hearts for using an exclusive fatality in the game which is a great leap ahead as previously only one heart was awarded to players for utilizing the unique move. 

In addition, players will be granted five Hearts for using Brutalities against the enemy, and if a player chooses Mercy before implementing Brutality or Fatality, then they would be awarded with six to eight Heart which would be a very useful technique for a player who wishes to horde some extra Hearts.

Overall the new update would surely improve the in-game experience for players as a number of improvements have been implemented for boosting the reward mechanics in the game. Let’s see what further significant changes will the Mortal Kombat 11 include in the coming future to improve the gameplay for its users.

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