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Fortnite: Guide For Season 8 Week 10 Treasure Map Challenge

Epic Games have been introduced for 8 week 10 of Fortnite. There are some straightforward weeks.

If you’re just getting there, you’ll be able to get by. Interestingly, players can grab on 10,000 XP as a reward for at least four weekly challenges.

For those who are on the road for a week, they can search for treasure chests with the week 10 Hidden Battle Star. Initially, it will be the corner of the Fortinite map.

The gamers will be located in the central building structure. It would be your time when you visited the junk junction.

It would be up to you to entertain the location.

At the junk junction of the junction, it shows Hentay

Interestingly enough to see a Fortnite map. It has been shown that it will be able to reach the land. It’s clear that it’s not a bad day.

It has been noted that he has not been able to make it.

It’s a bit of a funeral effect.

Chitauri Army and Avengers have been reckoned with their exclusive charm. This can be a player.

This can be a challenge for the players. It is a black and white color.

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