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5 Instances The Punisher Crossed the Line

Are you also a fan of Marvel’s character “Punisher”? No, we are not only talking about Jon Bernthal’s iteration at Netflix but the character in general. There are instances in comics when his actions can be considered a tad too much even by his standards. Yes, there are moments in the comics where Frank Castle went a little too far.

Take all the heroes ever written by anyone in the entire world, and none would be as ferocious, brutal, and trained as Frank Castle aka the Punisher.

“How can one man be capable of such violence?” Vincent D’Onofrio had said in Season 2 of Daredevil.

He is certainly a man who likes to end things. There are no half measures. He does not leave someone with the room to crawl back and haunt him. Once you are on The Punisher’s radar, your days are counted.

If there is one thing he teaches us, however distorted, is that there is no justice if you do not clench your fist to take it.

In a Marvel universe where there are a lot of people with the high moral ground, Punisher is something different. He really has a low tolerance level for nonsense. If there are bad things happening in front of his eyes, he will act no matter the consequences.

Ignorance and forgiveness are the last things you can expect from him. He just runs out of patience way too soon.

However, despite his knack for violence, he is a man you can trust completely.

His total disregard of establishment is what makes him compelling. He will not follow the rules; however, he will not judge if you choose to do so.

What we are interested in here is his rare ability to travel that extra distance to get things done. He knows who he is, and there is no talking him out of it. He is uncompromising of his beliefs and is detached from the public judgment, and sometimes, he crosses the territory of the actions that we can expect from a hero.

So, here are the five times the Punisher crossed the line in Marvel comics.

He Once Ran Over Wolverine with a Steamroller

You get a glimpse of Punisher’s psychotic mind with this fight. During one of his altercations, he brutally destroyed Wolverine, and the fight also spoke volumes about Wolverine’s healing powers. After shooting him several times, Frank Castle savagely ran a steamroller over him and left him crying in pain.

He Once Killed the Entire X-Men Team with a Single Shot

It was a scene from an alternate timeline that was explored in the issue “Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe.”

He nonchalantly assembled the X-Men on the moon and nuked the moon itself. Yes, it is true. Frank Castle did nuke the moon in an alternate timeline.

He Once Turned the Incredible Hulk to Dust

This was shown in the issue Secret Wars: Battleworld. He used the powers of none other than Doctor Strange and turned against the raging Hulk. The green monster simply had no chance. Within moments, the Punisher turned him to dust.

It was one of the instances where we see how strong Frank Castle's willpower is.

He Once Used A Fat Person to Kill a Russian Goon

It has been long established that goons are no match for the Punisher's talents. He had once used a man's overweight to finish off a goon. The scene is as funny as it is savage.

Well, it is one of the least brutal things he ever did.

During Apocalypse, He Killed Every Single Villain He Ever Knew

In one of the comics, when the writers were exploring an apocalyptic event where multiple universes were crashing down into one another, they took the opportunity to perfection and unleashed the Punisher to finish off some of the dangerous ground level villains, and that included some giants like "Kingpin," and "Bullseye."


While only five moments are not enough to describe how brutal Frank Castle really is, we have tried our best.

And as far as Jon Bernthal's iteration is concerned, we can only hope Marvel is taking note of the “Save Daredevil” campaign that is going on. There is no denying that Bernthal is the best actor to play the character right now in the industry. 

John Smith  is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on  webroot.com/safe  and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.



Source: -  https://webroot-safe.citywikia.com/5-instances-the-punisher-crossed-the-line/

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