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10 ноября 2020 г. 21:52, г. Baandee, Австралия Смотреть на карте

Are We About to See Bruce Willis in Another Die Hard Installment?

We all must admit that Bruce Willis-Die Hard news isn’t breaking for us; discussions regarding the widely speculated sixth die-hard movie were happening two years back as well.

There are quite a few skeptics who firmly believe that Rumer Willis is pulling our legs with the latest ad that sees her father Bruce Willis reprising his role as a daring crime-fighter of New York City. However, though the advertisement for the Die Hard battery is only two minutes twenty seconds long, some think that it might have been a trailer for something bigger. They believe a sixth installment in the Die Hard franchise is in the making.

It is imperative to remind ourselves that the speculations regarding a sixth Die Hard movie aren’t new, and they are happening since 2018. Some reports have even suggested that the title of the movie is already decided, and the movie will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura. According to a popular theory, the working title for the movie is McClane. However, it is this same thing we keep on hearing again and again, and the lack of any official announcement led some to believe that there is a possibility that the movie might never even take off.

We shouldn't get too excited about that #DieHardisBack trend on Twitter even if Rumer Willis started it in the first place. The reason why it got every fan excited about the movie is understandable, and in fact, the reason is pretty straight forward. However, fans' excitement for a movie isn't the only factor producers consider when they sit down in a round table talk. However, the idea that Bruce Willis is making a comeback with Die Hard will inevitably make everyone excited, so the fanaticism is understandable.

One reason why fans desperately want another Die Hard film to happen is that the last film was a critical and financial disappointment, and fans do not want to see their beloved franchise end like this. They want the sixth Die Hard film to give a proper farewell to the iconic action hero.

One positive fact that the Die Hard fans can take away from this whole speculation saga is the fact that Disney has indeed acquired the rights of the Die Hard franchise, so it is now their job to give a proper sendoff. Considering how giant the franchise is, I don't reckon a studio like Disney would want to see it end with an underwhelming 2013 film (A Good Day to Die Hard). However, Bruce Willis' approaching old age isn't helping the studio, so my common sense tells me that they would be itching to get the final part done.

One other thing fans are speculating is the question of 'who should be the one to fill in Bruce Willis' shoes?' Jai Courtney is an easy choice as his character had assisted Bruce Willis's John McClane in “A Good Day to Die Hard.” However, even if they cannot sign Jai Courtney, Disney is not a small studio, and it will hardly fret over this. They can get whoever they want.

Bruce Willis' Die Hard themed commercial is available for view on YouTube.

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