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Top 5 Android Wear OS Games

What! Do we have games for Wear OS? Well, yes. There are many games out there for Wear OS; they are indeed a little difficult to play as they generally don't have simple controls. But some better titles offer easy controls and ideas so that you won't face many difficulties while playing them. Let's look at the decent titles; here is our list of the top 5 Android Wear OS games.


2048 is a pretty amazing puzzle game. In the 2048 game, you just have to move some tiles to form a new one. The game mechanics are quite simple. You have to bring together all the tiles with the same number written on; once you do it, they will merge and become a single tile with a number written. You get a new tile each time you merge tiles with the same number, and the number on the new tile is equivalent to the sum of all the numbers on previous tiles. You have to keep moving and merging the tiles until you reach 2048, which is almost impossible, or you don't have space left on the board to move tiles. The game is exciting and straightforward, and you can play it for free; it even offers a premium version that will cost you $ 0.99.

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is another pretty decent and straightforward puzzle game that gives you a bunch of lines. Your goal is to flip all the lines around so that they can not form an infinite loop shape. The mechanics of the game is really very simple; you just have to tap on the lines in order to flip them around. It is undoubtedly an excellent option, and you can play it for free or buy its premium version as well for $ 2.49.


Ingress is an outstanding augmented reality game like Pokemon Go. It is one of the best titles to play on your Wear OS. It is a live multiplayer game; your goal is to travel in the real world to various destinations around your city to hack and maintain various portals. There is an opponent team as well that makes the game more exciting. Ingress is entirely available for free to play with in-app purchases. It is undoubtedly a great experience of having a game like Ingress on your watch, and you don't even have to carry your phone everywhere to play it.

Lifeline and Lifeline 2: Bloodline

Both of these are text RPGs without any graphics. In both the games, you play as a radio operator, and you receive communications from someone in danger. Your goal is to listen to the person carefully and make the right decisions to keep him alive. If you make any wrong decision that will lead to the death of the person. The games work great on Wear OS, and I would say these are the best games you can play on Wear OS, and you should give them a try. However, the games are not available for free; you will have to spend $ 1.99 for each one.

PetQuest Virtual Pet

PetQuest Virtual Pet is quite a decent virtual pet game where you raise little virtual pets, feed them, take care of them, and help them learn new skills. The PetQuest Virtual Pet game allows you to choose between three pets. It even boasts a bunch of little mini-games and many black elements so that the battery of your Wear OS can last for a longer period. The graphics of the game are super simple. It is another excellent option that you can play on your Wear OS entirely for free with no in-app purchases or ads.

As I already mentioned in the beginning of this article, most Wear OS games don't have simple controls. Due to this, most people don't like playing these games. However, all the five titles that we have mentioned on the list are fantastic, and all of them offer very simple controls, and you should try them. Thank you!

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