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How to Farm Glimpse in Mortal Shell

RPGs are always in demand, and it is why Cold Symmetry has created Mortal Shell, a new RPG video game that has been released last month. Till now, the game has succeeded in intriguing the gamers and striving hard to acquire more acclamation. Besides, there are several essential items that gamers need to collect in Mortal Shell. Nowadays, gamers are after two crucial items of Mortal Shell’ world; Tar and Glimpse. These items are a primary requisite to upgrade shells, and thus players are after them. In this article, we will brief the gamers about Glimpse alongside ways to find and attain it. If you are willing to farm Glimpse in Mortal Shell, then further read this article.

About Glimpse

Before heading further to the following process, let us first brief the gamers about Glimpse a bit. Glimpse is a currency of Mortal Shell's world that allows players to perform various actions alongside run upgrading processes. Now, players want their shells to be upgraded to inflate their powers, and it can only be possible if they attain a sufficient amount of Glimpse. Furthermore, various items include a Glimpse of Affection that offers Glimpse to gamers as a reward. Below we have provided the best ways to farm Glimpse in Mortal Shell.

How to Easily Get Glimpse in Mortal Shell

Players can farm Glimpse in the Mortal Shell's world by drops from primary or sub-bosses. However, gamers need to ensure that Fog must be present while fighting with bosses and striving to get a Glimpse through drops. In addition to this, the mystical world of Mortal Shell offers an option of unlocking the fog mechanic. It can be quickly done by visiting any temple from Seat of Infinity, Crypt of Martyrs, and Shrine of Ash. Once players have successfully defeated a boss, then they must re-visit to their chosen Temple. Afterward, gamers will be able to unlock a new NPC known as Thestus. Gamers can turn on or off Fog anytime by offering Glimpse to Thestus, and eventually, it would enhance the Glimpse drop.


Glimpse is one of the essential items in Mortal Shell because it allows players to upgrade their shells. However, finding and obtaining Glimpse is a bit hard because their dropping rate is relatively low. If you want to farm Glimpse through an easy and fast way, then read this article.

Players can play  Mortal Shell  on  PCPS4 , and  Xbox One .

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