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Ways to Fix Crashing of Apps on Android

Majority of apps that get installed from Google Play Store run well on every Android device. However, sometimes the apps can misbehave. They may continuously keep crashing on your Android device. Users think that this might be because of the bugs or the or the app might not be compatible with the device. But in reality, there are a vast number of reasons because of which an app may keep crashing on your Android device. So, to deal with those issues, you need to go through the troubleshooting tips that we have mentioned below:

Reasons due to which Apps Crash on Android

There are many reasons apps may keep crashing on your Android device. Still, the most common issue which the users face is incompatible android version for the app, installation of the outdated version of the app, need of a robust network connection, shortage of device storage while using the applications. All these issues can be fixed easily by following the steps mentioned in the next title. The instructions listed work in Android version 4.1 till Android 10 or higher.

Fix the Crashing of the Apps with these Steps

You can follow these steps if your Android apps keep crashing:

  1. The first step you need to follow is restarting your device. This is the easiest step which has a tendency to solve a majority of issues like apps crashing and more. Restarting the device helps in clearing all caches and frees up memory.
  2. You need to check your internet connection as some apps face issues while working over a cellular network connection. For those applications, you will have to use a robust internet connection over Wi-Fi.
  3. You need to update the apps on your Android device regularly. You can individually as well as collectively update the apps. Also, make sure that your device's OS version is updated with the latest updates.
  4. Regularly check for the updates regarding the Google Play Services on your device. Although it gets updated automatically, sometimes you might have to do it manually. Google Play Services is the core Android OS functionality which, if outdated, can cause the apps to crash.
  5. Try the “Force Stop” method if any app is continuously crashing. Sometimes, when you think you have closed the app after use, it may still be running in the device's background, and when you try to re-open it, it will just crash. So, make sure to close the apps on an Android device properly.
  6. You need to check for the app data and clear it consistently. The regular use of the app makes them store data in their cache memory. This stored data can get corrupt, which can crash the app very easily. So, it is better to clear the unrequired cache data of the apps from time to time. Also, you need to check for your device's storage space accordingly.
  7. If you have recently updated an app, then you need to check for the “App Permissions” of that particular app. The app permissions might have set back to default which can cause the application to misbehave. So, check the app permissions for the app and provide all the permissions and check again if your issue gets resolved or not.

Final verdict

So, these were the steps with which you can fix the issue of the app on your Android device. If none of the above methods is working then try reinstalling the app. Even after reinstalling the app, the issue remains the same; then you can do the factory reset of your Android device. But before doing that, make sure to take the backup of your device.

John Smith  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

Source: -  https://directory-fast.com/blog/ways-to-fix-crashing-of-apps-on-android/

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