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Now You Can Play Civilization 6 From Your Android Device

Currently, you can play Civilization 6 on your iOS and Switch devices. Finally, Android users can get access to this game on their devices.

People might not love to play this game on the Android platform, but the game’s availability on this platform might increase the reach of this game. Gamers might not enjoy playing this game on Android devices because it becomes too difficult for them to play a game on a four- or six-inch screen. In this game, you need to organize an entire army to attack and prevent the space race victory. For performing these things, at least you need a monitor and a mouse. It would be better if you play this game on Switch Pro Controller. But if you don’t have a Switch controller, then you can play Civilization 6 on your Android smartphone. 

Similar to iOS, the Android version of this game acts as a free trial. You will get 60 turns, so if you want to continue this game, you'll need to pay $ 33.99. The amount is for the only base mode of this game. 

If you want to play this game on your android device, you will get the option to play Civ6's Rise, expansion, Fall, and Gathering storm. But these options will cost you even more. If you are in the US and want to play the Rise and Fall option of this game, you will get it at $ 30. Gathering Storm will be priced at $ 40. There is no information regarding the full version of this game, but you need to note that in-app purchases cost around $ 69. 

If you want to add some other elements in this game, it will cost you around $ 8.49 per item. It will prove the best option when you want the base game with some extra trimmings. 

The interface of gameplay is pretty much similar to the iOS or Switch version. The iOS users usually get discounts when they purchase the membership of this game for their device. So, it is essential to give discounts on this game for Android users. Even the publisher of this game should offer some introductory offers to users. There are some chances that the game will be available with a discount on Christmas. It might prove a pretty decent deal to have this game with a fantastic discount. 

Aspyr  supported the game It is an American video game developer and publisher. It was founded by  Ted Staloch  and  Michael Rogers  in Texas. This company was founded in 1996 in Texas, United States. Initially, the company was founded to bring top games or gaming tiles on macOS. But from 2005, the company is working as a publisher and developer of multiple gaming platforms. And currently, they support Civilization 6 on various platforms.

You can download this game right now and play the trial version of  Civilization 6  on your Android device from the Play Store. After installing it, you can log in to the game from your Google Account through your Play Store. But after completion of 60 turns, you need to pay for playing further rounds.

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Source:- https://antivirus-blogs.com/now-you-can-play-civilization-6-from-your-android-device/

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