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How to Start in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing is a simulation video game produced by one of the giant gaming company Nintendo while the creator of this game is “Katsuya Eguchi.” There are various series have been released for Animal Crossing. In this game, the primary characters are humans living in the village with multiple activities like bug catching, fishing, fossil hunting, etc. The game is famous for open-end gameplay and enhanced use of the gaming console. Its main attraction is a real-time video gaming experience. For this task, the game uses calendar and clock simultaneously to provide enhanced real-time productivity that attracts the players.

The game released its various sequels worldwide for the players. The game is widely popular across the globe, and one can calculate its immense popularity that it sold more than 30 million copies around the globe.

New Horizon in the Animal Crossing

The recently released sequel of the game with the name “New Horizons” provides various specifications for the player to interact and play within their desired hemisphere. Continue reading the article to know how to play the New Horizons sequel.

In this sequel, one must encounter with two non-playing characters:  “Tommy and Timmy.” These serve as the helping guide for the players. They will guide you through setting up your island. In this series, the player has to select the desired hemisphere, choose the already created map.

The Island in Animal Crossings

  1. First of all, you have to select your island and then and manage the hemisphere by joining two animal NPC residents. There, you will find a native fruit for your task.
  2. You have to start the game by placing the resident’s campsite to your desired location. Do this task very carefully as you won’t be able to modify your changes once you have entered into the mainstream of the game.
  3. Now, you have to search for tree branches and twigs for the preparation of campfire near the tent. It is requested by the company manager, “Tom Nook.” You can search for small branches lying on the floor and may shake various fruits from the trees.

After that, you have to name your island after allotting various items to Tom Nook. A grand ceremony will start circling the campfire, and there you will be nominated to Fresh Resident Representative.

First day in the Animal Crossing

  1. Once you have all done the celebration of your Campfire overs, you have to request to take a short sleep in your designated tent. Once you have got the nap, then you can proceed for the game.
  2. After that, Tom Nook will call your name just outside the tent, and your actual time will start on the designated island. It will be daytime if you are playing in a real-time situation.

When you have performed these instructions, you will free to proceed with your mission, but still, you have performed several instructions for moving towards the game.

 Getting Bells for Paying the Debt for Island Getaway Package

In the entire game, you have to pay various types of debts to proceed with your mission. The first and foremost repay the loan is the Island Gateway Package that is one of the most important loans in the first step.

To pay the debt, you have to earn the bells at least 50000 or covering 5000 Nook miles. The Bells work as the Animal Crossing currency, and you have to perform various workarounds for the upgrading process inside the game. You have to regularly upgrade game items such as decorative elements, residential homes, etc.

You have to sell bugs and fishes for earning bells more quickly as you could catch Timmy inside the Tent of Resident Services.

Working on Nook Miles

  1. If you wish to upgrade various necessary things, such as Tents or houses and to exchange the multiple items such as furniture and DIY recipes, you have to earn Nook Miles, a type of currency for upgrading your equipment.
  2. Nook Miles is a latest currency that can be used for various rewards inside the game in the game series of Animal Crossing. It also encourages and helps in boosting the power and moving towards the mission.
  3. If you require fruits, furniture, money, and rare equipment, then you can shake up the tree. You may sell weeds for choosing the Timmy, and once the character is active, you can demand bells. You can earn Nook Miles after selling weeds too much.
  4. For convincing Tom Nook, you have to collect a total of 5000 Nook Miles for paying the debt related to Island Getaway Package Debt. On the Nook handheld device, you have to unlock the features of Club app + Nook Miles. This combination feature enables the users to prepare for an everlasting grand reward and challenge program that will provide you five fresh tasks as the goal to complete.
  5. If you use the Nook Stop machine on a daily basis, then you will get the free bonus for Nook Miles. To do so, you have to hit the kiosk daily of Nook Stop that will be available inside the section of Resident Services.

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