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iPhone Privacy: How to Lock and Remove Online Threats

Privacy refers to security and in our current generation, it is the most useful thing to manage. There are several applications available for phone and PC that are free-to-use bur take our details to run the application, in many ways the provide us free service bur take all of our privacy and information through the application. We are using social media applications where we upload photos and other details that are stored in their database. They provide us lots of fun and enjoy thro the application and exchange our personal information.

They can save our contacts, photos, emails, message as well as they can track our location too. However, you think you nothing hide on Facebook and Google as well as the government sector. Government agency takes your information privacy but is any third-party application.

You can get extra money but ever think that you can get your private message, photos, and data, etc. If you want to secure your data from unwanted websites and applications, then you can block the sites with a tool that is given below.

Lock the lock screen

The lock screen is one of the excellent methods to stops notification and gets your information via Siri whenever you need it. It contains ID and password to show you information and has a three lock fluctuation as namely touch ID, Face ID, and Apple ID and password.

If you are doing work on your device and you need to move, then you can turn off your device to secure your contact and messages stay private. You can simply lock your screen to stop sharing privacy to share with anyone else.

Block trackers

If you always notice whenever you open any application, then you see an advertisement on your screen. Ever noticed any ad is not showing multiples times? They only show 2-3 days and after that change the ad. They contain many bugs that can harm your device. To secure your device from these bugs, you need to download and install a Content blocker application. It can break the useless sites and take care of those sites you like to use.

You can also switch on “Limit Ad Tracking” in your device privacy settings. It can stop your adds previewing on your display that is not relevant to you. you can download and install one of the best application to secure your privacy as namely 1Bloker X

Private browsing

Safari is developed by apple only for an apple device. It is an ability to secure your privacy and keep safe your search history. In this browser setting, your browser history never saved, and there is no option for autofill. Whenever you close the tap, all the things you have done are going away.

Hotspot and VPN

A hotspot is used to share your network with others. When you are at home or working in the office and attach your device with the router that providing you internet connectivity. You need to check the privacy policy of the company that the network you are using.

John Smith  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding  mcafee.com/activate  and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

Source:-  https://360votes.com/iphone-privacy-how-to-lock-and-remove-online-threats/

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