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How to Fix 0x800705b4 Windows Update Error Code

The error code 0x800705b4 appears when the Windows Update service could not complete a particular task for one or another reason. Windows Update is one of the best features offered by Microsoft since it allows users to download and install new improvements and added features to the operating system. However, there are a few error codes that might display when there are ongoing problems with the Windows Update utility. Here's how to fix the Windows Update 0x800705b4 error code.

5 Solutions to Clear The Windows Update 0x800705b4 Error

Solution 1: Initiate a Security Scan

You can use any third-party reliable security program for scanning your computer for the viruses. Some security programs are not smart enough to scan modern threats such as ransomware, malware, and Trojans, but there are several that can. So choose a program wisely and then scan your PC for the infected programs and files. Once the scan completes, make sure to delete all threats from your PC and do not show any mercy. Straightly go for the kill if you found nay file infected or suspicious or your device may remain insecure. If there are active viruses on your device, then the Windows Update 0x800705b4 Error would not disappear as some viruses infect the system file required for running the Windows Update. When the computer is completely secured with a complete system scan, you can reboot the device to experience the changes.

Solution 2: Use the Windows Update Troubleshooter 

Windows built-in troubleshooter is one of the best ways to figure out errors and resolve system issues. Even if the troubleshooter is not able to solve the matter, it still tells you the problem which you can solve manually using other tools and instructions. To fix the Windows Update 0x800705b4 Error, you should give it a try. 

Solution 3: Resetting Windows Update 

When an essential piece of components of the Windows Update utility breaks down, the Windows Update 0x800705b4 Error could appear. For resetting the Windows Update, there is an automated script developed by Microsoft that you can download for free. Once downloaded, just run the script and wait until the operation completes. 

Solution 4: Use DISM scan 

DISM aka  deployment image servicing and management  is a built-in tool to edit and fix the broken system images. Here's how to use this feature to fix the Windows Update 0x800705b4 Error:

  1. Head to the Start Menu. 
  2. Type CMD and then right-click on its icon. 
  3. Choose Run as administrator. 
  4. Type the  DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth  command. 
  5. Hit Enter to start the DISM scan. 

Solution 5: Use System File Checker

The Windows System File Checker is a unique tool on Windows that is used to find and fix the broken system files causing frequent errors. Follow the below instructions to initiate the scan to solve the Windows Update 0x800705b4 error:  

  1. Open Command Prompt with admin privileges. 
  2. Copy and paste this command into the Command Prompt: SFC / SCANNOW. 
  3. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to start the scan. 
  4. Once the process completes, reboot the device. 

The Windows Update 0x800705b4 error message should now disappear, and if you are still facing issues, then you may want to install a new copy of OS to your device which would finally solve the problem.

John Smith  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding  mcafee.com/activate  and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

Source:- https://simplemcafee.com/how-to-fix-windows-health-is-critical-error-on-windows-10/

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