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Oscars 2020: Every Winner & How to Watch the Oscar Award Winners

There could be no better streaming time for the fans of movies and viewers of Oscars as all these are available for rental too. While some of the awards winning films are still running in the theaters which includes Little Women, 1917 and Bombshell there is nothing to get depressed about the other award-winning movies. The viewers can watch them all according to their priorities and comfort as all the streaming channels are providing options to watch them. The viewers can either buy them or rent on the several streaming channels including Amazon Video, Vudu, YouTube Movies, Netflix, Apple TV app and on other streaming services.

Oscars 2020

Finally, Parasite won the Oscars for the best film. It made a record in the ninety-two-year-old history of Academy Awards to become the first foreign film to win the category ever. The film also won for best director and Bong Joon-ho lifted the award. The list does not end here, and the complete lists of the winners along with nominations are given below: -

Best picture

The films qualified for the nominations of the best picture includes 1917, The Irishman, Little Woman, Ford Vs Ferrari, Jojo Rabbit, Joker, Marriage Story, One Upon a Time in Hollywood and Parasite. Parasite emerged as the winner in the category. Parasite by Bong Joon -ho mesmerized the viewers by lifting the awards in some groups also such as it raised the Oscars for the International feature film.

Best actress

There was fierce competition for the best actress award, and the actress nominated for the category included Cynthia Erivo for Harriet, Scarlett Johansson For Marriage Story, Renee Zellweger for Judy, Saoirse Ronan for Little Women and Charlize Theron for Bombshell. Renee Zellweger clinched the prestigious award for her exceptional work in Judy in the category.

Best actor

The actors who were nominated for the category include Leonardo DiCaprio for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Jonathan Pryce for The Two Popes, Adam Driver for Marriage Story, Joaquin Phoenix for Joker and Antonio Banderas for Pain and Glory. Joaquin Phoenix was the favorite of all, and he won the award in the category.

Best director

The nominations for best director includes the names of Sam Mendes for his world war one epic 1917, Martin Scorsese for The Irishman, Todd Philips for Joker, Quentin Tarantino for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Bong Joon-ho for Parasite. Bong Joon-ho won the award leaving everybody surprised.

Best Supporting Actor

The nominations were given to Joe Pesci for The Irishman, Anthony Hopkins for The Two Popes, Al Pacino for The Irishman, Tom Hanks for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Brad Pitt for Once Upon the Time in Hollywood. Brad Pitt has won the category, and it is not a surprise for anyone as it was expected and speculated a lot.

Best supporting actress

The nominations qualified for the category includes the names of Florence Pugh for her performance in Little Women, Margot Robbie for Bombshell, Scarlett Johansson for Jojo Rabbit, Kathy Bates for Richard Jewell and Laura Dern for her unforgettable performance in Marriage Story. The award for best actress won by Laura Dern in the best actress category.

Best original screenplay

The award for best original screenplay won by Bong Joonho for the story of Parasite. The nominations include the names of Noah Baumbach for Marriage Story, Rian Johnson for Knives Out, Sam Mendes & Krysty Wilson - Cairns for 1917 and Quentin Tarantino for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Some other key features of the Oscars involve the award won by Little Women for best costume design, and Bombshell won in the category of best makeup and hairstyling, 1917 by Sam Mendes won the Oscars in three different categories which include the award for best visual effects , sound mixing and best cinematography. The viewers can watch The Irishmen, Marriage story, American Factory and The Two Popes on Netflix and the other streaming services are also all set to serve their audience.

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