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3 ноября 2020 г. 13:30

How to deactivate an Office Home and Student 2019

Activation of any software plays a keen role as it ensures that the product has been activated to the desired device by the actual purchase of the product. For activating the software, the users require a product key popularly known as the activation key.

Even the users of Office need to activate their Office 2019 product onto their device using the Office Product key. This key consists of 16-alpha numeric characters that need to be copied to the required field and then, the users need to click the ‘Activate’ button so that the setup gets successfully activated onto their device. Using the single subscription of the Microsoft Office 2019, the users could easily activate their product to multiple devices. but, if the user’s subscription is valid for 5 devices and the desire to activate this product to the sixth device then, the users need to deactivate this from one of the five devices.

Now, the question that clicks the mind of the Microsoft users is that how can they deactivate their Office 2019 Home and Student subscription from their device.

Steps to deactivate the Office Home & Student 2019 : 

By following the steps detailed below, once could easily deactivate the Office Setup 2019 from their device, easily.  The steps are as follows:

First of all, visit the official website ie Office.com/setup . 

Here, click the 'Sign in' button.

And then, on the sign-in page, enter the email address and corresponding password within the requisite fields.

After this, click the 'Sign in' button, the official account will be executed over the device.

Apart from this, the users may click the 'account doesn't exist, Create it' option to create the Office Account.

Here, move to the 'Manage and install' section to get the information regarding the entire devices to which this setup has been installed.  Now, move to the device name from which the users wish to deactivate this 2019 setup.

And then, click the 'Deactivate' button.

Thus, the Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student will be deactivated from the users' device but, they will be able to print, and read the files being already existing over their device.  Hence, the functionality of the Microsoft Office 2019 will be reduced but it will be not uninstalled, completely.


We have tried our level best to offer the users of Office product the simplest procedure of deactivating the office from their device.  But, if any of the steps detailed here do create any of the doubts then, the users are highly advised to access the official website www.office.com/setup .   Here, the experts of the company would help out the users in getting rid of the issues being faced by them.

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