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How to Set Up and Optimize A Wireless Router

Setting up and optimizing your wireless router could prove to be a very demanding task. The good news for you is that now companies have made the job easier for you. Most of the upcoming routers now have named labeling to make the task easier for you.


Some manufacturers go a little further and put color codes on the parts for you. They already come with a coded configuration and an app-based setup. However, all this does not assure a smooth run for the network. It also does not mean that your network security is safe.


Here are some of the steps for you to follow so that you would be able to run the router smoothly.


Tips to Set Up and Optimize Your Wireless Router


The first step for you to follow is to get the right model. If your router only supports security through Wireless Equivalent Privacy, then your model is not entirely secure. If you are using a router that is provided by a huge Internet Service Provider, then it will create problems for you. It may cost you extra money to use some of the features. You should try to get a router suitable for you.


Get the Network Online

Once you get a Wifi router, then the first thing you should do is get the network online. If the internet service provider provides a modem, then the setup would be pretty straightforward.


You have to follow the following steps:


Turn off the modem and then unplug the Ethernet wire from the PC.

Connect the Ethernet cable to the new router through either extensive area network or the internet port.

Turn on the modem and wait 2 minutes

Do the same with the router.

Get another Ethernet cable and connect the PC to the router's LAN with it.

Turn on your computer

Now the devices are set up with DHCP and will automatically provide you and IPA (Internet Protocol Address). You will be online if that is the case. However, if you do not have a modem, then it may get problematic. You would have to reconfigure the router by using it on joined mode before the wireless router could connect to it.

You can set this up by yourself, or you can ask the provider.


Setting it up in admin console

Follow the below-mentioned steps:


Launch the browser on the PC.

Browse the IP address provided by the provider.

The login screen will appear. After filling up the details press enter and you will be able to see the admin console.

Update the firmware and password

Using the default password may lead to compromises in the network security, so you should first change the default password. Then try updating the firmware to the latest software, and it will prevent possible issues before they even begin.


Getting the connection activated

Follow the below-mentioned steps:


Access the admin console and locate the wireless setup.

Search for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies and configure them separately.

Let the channels set on automatic while letting the mode be the same as before.

Change the name for SSID to anything you like.


Source: Set Up and Optimize A Wireless Router

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