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20 января  2020 г. 14:04

Install BullGuard Internet Security On Additional Computers


bullguard Internet security is one of the coolest software products provided by BullGuard. To get this product, one can reach www.bullguard.com/is-mdl-install webpage. Also, the user must create a BullGuard login account, which helps in many activities further. In this blog, we will discuss how you can download BullGuard Internet Security with or without visiting bullguard download 

BullGuard login - Download the Setup

On your second or third computer, you can download the BullGuard product without going to www.bullguard.com/is-mdl-install page, and for that, you must proceed with the BullGuard login process. Below are the steps to download the setup from the BullGuard account; www.bullguard.com is-install-mdl-install 

  1. Open your browser, on which device you want to install the BullGuard Internet Security setup.

  2. Visit bullguard login and click on MY account.

  3. Here, enter your email and password.

  4. Tick on the I’m not a robot button.

  5. Click on the login button.

  6. Once the account opens, check your subscriptions.

  7. Click on the Download button.

  8. Wait until the setup gets downloads.

One can use CDs / DVDs to download BullGuard, where you will not need to visit www.bullguard.com is-install-mdl-install site. But the CD installation will not provide you the updated version, and you won't be able to upgrade the software from time to time. The general downloading location are set to be, My Documents and My Downloads folders. You can change accordingly if you want to. Follow installation steps below -

Install BullGuard Internet Security Setup  

Using the installer downloading, one can easily install the updated version of BullGuard. If you have successfully downloaded the BullGuard setup through my login on your second computer, then follow below steps to install it -

  • You will get a security warning when you run the BullGuard Installer or Downloader tool. This warning is shown on mostly Windows PC, and so click on the YES button when it appears.

  • The first screen will be the welcome screen where you need to accept the End User License Agreement. This agreement represents the rights and responsibilities of BullGuard and the user.

  • Click on the NEXT button to install the software on the default location. You can change its location from the browse option if you want to change the software location.

  • On the next window, allow the installation to finish and wait for the 100% completion.

  • On the registration screen, you don't need to register again as you had registered before.

  • Here, log in with your BullGuard account and finish the process.

  • Click DONE and complete the process.

You don't need to enter the activation key again. It is because you have already downloaded setup on another computer, and now you are using it on the other one.

shownmortal is a self-professed security expert, He is expertise in making people aware of the security threats. His Passion is to write about, cryptography, malware, Cyber ​​security social engineering, internet. He writes for Trend micro products at www.bullguard.com/is-mdl-install

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