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16 января  2020 г. 14:05

How to troubleshoot the AVG Secure VPN issues?

AVG VPN is provided by AVG antivirus / AVG Technologies at www.avg.com/retail that secure all of the data that you download from net or upload on the internet. You can activate any of the AVG download VPN versions at www.avg.com/activate page. Here we have discussed the issues that you may face and how you can troubleshoot all AVG VPN issues. www.avg.com/activation

If you are unable to browse the internet while connecting AVG Secure VPN –

  • At first, check the Wi-Fi signal strength.

  • Sometimes Wi-Fi signals get weak. 

  • Re-verify all the conditions of the hotspot provider.

  • You can use another browser.

If AVG VPN is not establishing a connection –

For windows you may follow below:

  • Reconnect the VPN and try to browse.

  • Check your network configuration.

  • Try connecting it from a different location.

  • You can disconnect the other VPN services, which might run on PC.

  • Restart the device.

  • Check your firewall configuration.

  • Check whether the AVG download VPN is activated through avg download or not?

  • Go to MY AVG and check the activation on MY SUBSCRIPTION page.

  • You can change the internet connection.

For Mac, you may follow below:

  • Ensure that IPsec or VPN passthrough is enabled.

  • Check firewall with UDP port 500 and UDP port 4500 configurations.

  • Disconnect VPN and browse another web.

  • Restart device and check your network configuration.

  • Check the activation.

If nothing works, then download the VPN again from install avg with license number webpage.

If error message 'Content not available' appear –

On the windows, this issue may appear. Follow below to sort out the error:

  • You must turn off and on the VPN. So, click "ON" slider, it will turn into "OFF." Now, again click on the slider so it could turn on back.

  • If your device has other VPN services, then disconnect them.

  • Restart your computer.

If error message 'AVG Secure VPN has encountered a technical issue' –

  • Check the internet configuration.

  • Reconnect the AVG Secure VPN.

  • Try using another web.

  • Restart your PC.

If it doesn't work, try to uninstall and re-install AVG VPN.

Why suspicious activity alerts show on Gmail and Live Mail?


When you connect AVG secure VPN connection to a Wi-Fi connection, it sends alerts on Gmail and Live Mail of user. It shows due to location changes because it detects changes on the VPN and so it wants to alert you. If you did not use it, then you may change the password. It is a verification message, and so you don't need to worry.

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