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11 февраля 2020 г. 09:35

Major PS Plus Change May Become a Trend

Sony has revealed the inclusion of Firewall Zero Hour for February as the third bonus game for the subscribers of  PS Plus. It indicates the potential future pattern of the games introduced by the subscription service, and the fans would become able to build up a catalog including the PSVR games offered by Sony at the need of every month which the generally fans could not own for the PSVR. The PS4 games offered by Sony in February includes The Sims 4 and The Bioshock Collection. Sony has tried to provide the PSVR for the subscribers of PS Plus earlier also, and the strategy could be used to influence the fans to purchase a PSVR unit. Here, is the attempts made by Sony to represent PSVR on the subscription service of monthly game additions:-

Major PS Plus Change May Become a Trend

PSVR games available on PS Plus Right Now

Sony has adopted the strategy to introduce two games every month for its subscription service. Since then it has been releasing two PS4 exclusive games every month instead of usual games released for PS Vita, PS3 and PS 4. However, the company never released any PSVR games since the introduction of the strategy, although the company thought the peripheral of Virtual reality to be a great success. The PSVR games introduced by Sony over the entire history of PS plus online games include Until Dawn Rush of Blood which released in the year 2017, RIGS mechanized combat league released in the year 2017, and Here They Lie released in the year 2018.

The fourth PSVR game introduced by Sony for PS Plus is Firewall Zero Hour. It seems that Sony has experimented a lot with the strategy of introducing PSVR games on PS Plus, but it never remained stuck with its plan. The reasons are very much obvious why it would be beneficial to get a PSVR match for the users and the arguments against are quite weak. The PSVR unit is worthy of purchasing and the data collected shows that only about 4.4% PS plus users have purchased the unit whereas more than 37 million people are subscribed to the PS Plus. This indicates that Sony is making another game available only for the users having PS 4 installed even that the availability of the game is only to a small fraction of a fraction of people.

Some PSVR Games Needed To be on PS Plus

There are several games which should be introduced by Sony on PS Plus so that the number of its subscribers keep on increasing and the company could convince the people to buy a PSVR and sign up to the subscription service. Some popular PSVR games which are worthy of including in the list are Firewall Zero released in the year 2018 and Moss which is an adventurous game that can be controlled by the players using a mouse only. Some other names of PSVR games include Tetris Effect, the most popular VR puzzle game produced by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Astro Bot Rescue Mission which has been developed by the team of Sony itself. Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a critically acclaimed game and has earned ninety points on Metacritic.

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Source:  https://truedirectory.co.uk/blog/major-ps-plus-change-may-become-a-trend/

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