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14.03.2020 11:28
Смотреть 'How to Convert PDF to JPG Format'

PDF or Portable Document Format is a popular file format that is easily transportable and accessible with images and text capability. This file format is developed by Adobe to present various documents. PDF is supportable on all the OS that is used widely for various documentation works and to save a file in a secure format. It serves as a standard file format for its users to make the task easily accessible.

JPG files serve as a picture file format that is also used widely across the globe, and if the user wishes to convert their PDF file to JPG format, then the process is easy for the same. There are various options to convert the PDF file.

Pursue these guidelines to know various methods to convert PDF files to JPG:

Using Conversion Site “Zamzar”


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14.03.2020 11:11
Смотреть 'How to Play Old Flash Games in 2020 and Above'

The company of Adobe is planning to shut down Flash in this calendar year, and thus gamers are worrying about their most preferred games that they used to play on Flash. Flash games are widely popular among gamers as they don’t wish to leave those Flash memories.

Flash web has been depleting the charm of Flash for several years as various web browsing technologies such as HTML5, WebAssembly, and WebGL are becoming popular and replacing Flash supported video containers. As Flash, these open-sourced web mechanisms don’t need the plug-in of the third party related to using various services. They were held to the top level of scrutiny features.

The Flash and its Challenges


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14.03.2020 10:19
Смотреть 'How to Log Off Other Users from Windows 10'

Windows 10 is one of the advanced OS running on various latest devices and it offers multiple benefits to its users to get the best of it. Along with multiple tasks and amazing services, Windows 10 enables every user to create a separate account on the same device. This functionality safeguards all the private actions and personal files. It becomes more sensitive if you use it to share your device between numerous persons and users. In this case, your system holds multiple accounts on various holders.

If you share your device with someone else regularly, then it might be the case that the user forgets to log out of his account. In this case, the system runs with various applications with the same active account. These actions consume various resources and reflect the adverse effect on that particular account.


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12.03.2020 11:47
Смотреть 'How to Change the Entire Presentation Format on PowerPoint'

Beyond any doubts, PowerPoint is the best way to make any kind of presentation. To make a presentation, there are several formatting options and features available for the users. In PowerPoint, numerous numbers of tools are available to make a perfect slideshow. If you want to convey anything, then PowerPoint will help you to describe it quickly. You can create any kind of presentation you want, and even if you are looking for creating a bigger project.

People who use PowerPoint are satisfied with this, but sometimes changing the format of presentation and clearing slides one by one can take so much time. If you are confused about the same situation, then you should know is that you don’t need to clear slideshow one by one because it can be clear at once. Just open the PowerPoint presentation


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12.03.2020 11:17
Смотреть 'How to Take Notes on Locked iPad with Apple Pencil'

iPad packs numerous features and taking notes with Apple Pencil is among them. The latest iPad devices are compatible with Apple Pencil, but more than that, Apple is working on making Notes faster. For taking notes, users simply need to open the notes app. But what if the user wants to make note instantly while the display of the iPad is locked? Well, it’s possible to take notes on the iPad while the screen is locked. It’s a feature that everyone loves who makes notes and willing to take notes instantly.

It’s just like sketching on the paper because the sensitivity of the device’s connectivity with a Pencil is just incredible. People who love drawing, they also prefer to use the iPad because it makes things easier and better, alongside it’s an activity of


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12.03.2020 10:24
Смотреть 'How to Get Back Disabled/Deleted Instagram Account'

For influencers and marketing, Instagram is currently the best social media platform. The popularity of Instagram is growing as with it, you can convey your content to the highest number of people. Nowadays, most people use Instagram for marketing and that is why Instagram is getting firm on their policies and conditions. If you violate the Instagram terms, then your account can be disabled or might be deleted. One of the worst things is that Instagram never informs the user why their account is disabled or deleted, so it makes things tough to understand why it happens.

If you are an influencer, it doesn’t matter what kind of product you are using for marketing, you will get a great response from all around the world. If you have a huge number of followers and they influence by your recommendation, then you can also become


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06.03.2020 13:40
Смотреть 'How to Fix Disney Plus is Not Mirroring to TV'

Watching favorite shows and movies on a big screen is quite amazing, and everyone wants to view on their TV after paying all the dues and fees of a particular subscription package. If you have also taken a subscription of your desired Disney Plus service and facing issues in TV viewing, then this blog is for you. You can view your shows and movies on TV. You have to use mirroring applications to mirror it through your laptop or handheld device to view a wide range of TV shows, movies, cartoons, and streaming services provided by Disney.

Sometimes, various Disney services such as Mickey Mouse cartoons, popular TV shows refuse to stream on your TV that is compatible runs on your system or laptop. In some cases, Disney shows fail to appear on TV. In this case, it needs some workarounds to


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06.03.2020 10:55
Смотреть 'How to Convert VHS Videos to DVD/Digital'

VHS is the acronym of Video Home System that is related to analog video recordings on tape cassettes. If you wish to preserve your old memories in the digital form in DVD and other formats, then this blog is for you. It can be transferred into various formats such as a digital file, DVD, or blue ray. There are a number of conversion tools available for VHS file transformation to your desired digital format. One can even save and store a twenty-year-old file to the latest DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Users can use various copies of various services such as The Breakfast Club and To Gun as these services don’t ask for copyrights. Follow these instructions to know how you can use various tools to convert your VHS tapes to DVD or digital:

Services for the Conversion of VHS to DVD


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05.03.2020 11:19
Смотреть 'How to Fix Server does not support current authentication protocol'

While attempting to access any Microsoft Office apps, you may get the server that does not sustain the error of authentication protocol. An error may occur using One Note app or on the OneDrive for the trade during the synchronization procedure. Many users have filed the same problems in the Community forum. A fix was introduced for the Click-to-Run version for business sync client. Keep on reading to follow the instructions for various troubleshooting tips.

How to Fix Server Authentication Protocol Error

Insert Office 365 Account

If you want to insert Office 365 account, then you can follow the provided steps:

Begin the Office application except for the one that you are facing issues with. So if


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05.03.2020 10:26
Смотреть 'How to Remove Certain Domains From the Firefox DNS Over HTTPS'

Mozilla began introducing DNS above the HTTPS for Firefox to ensure that the DNS decision is reliable. You may also delete certain domains from Firefox DNS over the HTTPS. Firefox provides a large configuration for DoH, mostly for the organizations that depend on the DNS. If you need to delete certain domains from the firefox DNS over HTTPS, then this post might be useful for you. Keep on reading to follow the instructions.

Delete Certain Domains From Firefox DNS Over HTTPS

Firefox provides the method to insert the specific domain so that they may bypass DNS over the HTTPS. Though you have to insert domains via Firefox configuration manually.


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