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6 октября 2020 г. 13:25

Brand New Air Jordan 1 Mid Gym Red Shoes

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Gym Red will be dropped in a new colorway, this is the "Nike Hike Men" colorway. This year, Nike has been busy with the Air Force 1 Shadow anyway, it's a very popular model that has been dropped in countless colorways. The sneaker is often sold out in no time.The very first Nike Air Force 1 was dropped in 1980. The iconic Nike model was actually marketed for basketball, but soon the sneaker was also worn off the court. The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow is one of the newest variants of the AF1. Both the Air Force 1 and the Shadow are extremely popular and can no longer be ignored.
We often see the 2021 Jordan 13 Starfish in the most cheerful colors, this colorway is slightly different. Warmer colors are mainly used on the sneaker, such as different brown tones. The overlays on the sneaker feature brown suede. The air branding on the midsole is taupe and the midsole has a light brown color. The color orange is also reflected on the sneaker, this can be seen around the lace panels and the branding on the tongue of the sneaker. Perhaps the most striking thing about the sneaker is the wool that is used on the inside of the sneaker. In any case, we cannot wait for this awesome release.
We never get enough of the Air Jordan 1 High Flyease. It is still one of the most popular models from nike and fortunately new colorways keep coming out. At first glance, nothing special seems to be seen with this new AF1 colorway, but when light shines over the shoe, the sneaker gets a reflective effect. With the Nike Air Force 1 "Reflective" you will certainly stand out!The Nike Air Force 1 is still popular.There is a lot of play with the colors on this model. Reflective accents were already known on the sneaker. We've never seen a fully reflective upper.These parts of the sneaker do not have this cool effect, so that the sneaker is not "over the top".As every year in the fall and winter season, the Swoosh team gives us the opportunity to design their shoes using colorful patterns and woolen materials provided by Pendleton.
The Jordan 14 Doernbecher For Sale sneaker is a true classic and can be found in almost every sneaker rack. The original white color will always remain a favorite.We see a cream-colored upper with a glossy layer over the sneaker. When light shines on the sneaker, the entire upper will give a reflective effect. This effect can be seen from the toe to the back of the sneaker. The white sole, laces and lining have been left alone.In addition, we will be able to introduce special stitching, change the colors of individual leather panels and color the soles and laces as desired to match the rest of the design. Below are some illustrative options that you can use yourself or design something completely different.

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