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06.10.2020 13:25

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Gym Red will be dropped in a new colorway, this is the "Nike Hike Men" colorway. This year, Nike has been busy with the Air Force 1 Shadow anyway, it's a very popular model that has been dropped in countless colorways. The sneaker is often sold out in no time.The very first Nike Air Force 1 was dropped in 1980. The iconic Nike model was actually marketed for basketball, but soon the sneaker was also worn off the court. The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow is one of the newest variants of the AF1. Both the Air Force 1 and the Shadow are extremely popular and can no longer be ignored.
We often see the 2021 Jordan 13 Starfish in the most cheerful colors, this colorway is slightly different. Warmer colors are mainly used on the sneaker, such as different brown tones. The overlays on the sneaker feature brown suede. The air branding on the midsole is taupe and the midsole has a light


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