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29 декабря 2021 г. 12:59

What is a fund and what are its ...

With the rapid development of China's economy, domestic economic activities have 安聯收益及增長基金 active, and various funds and trust funds have increasingly appeared in the economic life of residents. Various domestic and foreign stock funds, futures funds, investment funds, private equity funds, etc. are dazzling . However, domestic residents are not very familiar with this form of overseas financial management. Today, the exchange management consultant will introduce to you what the fund is and what the type is.

In a narrow sense, a fund is a group of funds set up for specific purposes. These purposes can be retirement pensions, insurance funds, provident funds, investment funds, etc., and also become the source of the name of the fund. From an accounting point of view, the concept of funds is also relatively narrow, only referring to the specific uses and uses of funds. Commonly used fund classifications include:

1. Investment target

Funds absorb funds and are mainly used for investment. The investment target for absorbing funds can be stocks, gold, currency, mixed use and other investment targets. Therefore, the fund can be named after the investment target, but it should be noted that this principle is not absolute. As we all know, Yu'e Bao is actually a currency fund.

2. Management method

According to the management method of funds in funds, funds can be divided into active funds and passive funds. Active funds, as the name implies, are that fund managers can subjectively choose the investment direction of the fund based on their own qualifications (according to the internal rules of the fund company). Such funds have higher risks and higher expected returns. In contrast, a passive fund means that the investment target of the fund has been planned and cannot be arbitrarily mobilized. The risk is relatively low, and the expected return is also low.

3. Fund size

The scale of funds absorbed by the fund can either remain unchanged or change at any time. Of course, whether the scale of funds changes has become a new classification, namely open-end funds and closed-end funds. Usually, when a closed-end foundation initiates a crowdfunding, it states how much funds need to be raised and how many shares it is divided into. This share will not change in the future. The open-end fund will increase or decrease its shares according to certain rules after its establishment.

4. Issuance method

According to different fundraising targets, funds can be divided into public offering funds and private equity funds. It can be seen from the name that the objects of public offering funds are not limited, and crowdfunding can be initiated to the public and pooling funds for special purposes. Private equity funds only issue invitations to specific individuals and institutions. Compared with public funds, private funds are much more private, and a lot of information does not need to be disclosed to the public.

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