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15 мая 2019 г. 10:12

Maintenance of Open Rotary Screen Printing Machine

In order to use Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine smoothly, you should pay attention to the following points:

First, before you open it, check whether there is any residual glue on rotary gluing part. If any, remove it with a trowel. Otherwise, the guide tape will be indented. If you use a short net on the wide-format printing machine, you should pay more attention to. Because the indentation printed on the center of the tape directly affects the printing effect of the wide fabric. In addition, cover the net and the bulkhead with tape to prevent the tape from damage.


Second, check whether the air pressure of the compressed air is normal, otherwise, the net is damaged due to insufficient tension of the net when the machine is turned on.


Third, check whether the blade is clamped or firm and there are sharp edges at both ends of the blade to avoid the scraper on both sides and the middle of the pressure is inconsistent or cut the round net. If it is a magnetic rod printing, check whether the magnetic rod is bend, or it will be easy to appear horizontal stripes.


Fourth, check if the rotary net seat is flexible, or it will be twisted easily.

Fifth, check whether the heating temperature of the arc scraper should not exceed 160℃, otherwise it is easy to burn the cloth and the guide tape.


Sixth, the pump can’t be idling for 30s, otherwise the blade will be damaged. When beating, you should first water 0.5min to make the leaves permeable for normal use.

Seventh, when the guide belt is clean, never wash it to prevent water from entering into the cylinder or electrical components.


Eighth, when the water washing device is waterless, it is not allowed to drive to avoid scratching the guide tape.

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